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Tata Manza facelift renderingTata Motors is working behind closed doors to take the Indian auto market by storm with many new products.

Some of the future products are completely new ones, while others will be refreshed versions of the existing carlines.

One such refreshed product we are looking forward to is the Indigo Manza facelift. Unlike the Vista, the Manza did not get a look change when it passed its third anniversary.

We saw this one coming. Earlier this week we carried a story on the Indigo Manza’s launch with teaser images from the South African Tata FB fan page.

Tata Indigo Manza South Africa

Today Tata Motors has announced the Indigo Manza for South Africa with hopes of being the best seller.

At IAB, we very much like the Tata Manza because of it is spacious, comfortable, affordable and looks quite good too. We also like the TV ad for Manza featuring Tanuka Saan and his colleague figuring out why their product (any guesses which one?) is not as good as Tata Manza. Well now, Tanuka Saan is back with a bang!

This time Tanuka Saan is an undercover sardarji who is on a mission to find out why prospective customers are buying the Manza. Unfortunately, the colleague cocks it up again and gets beaten up by Tanuka Saan. Click on the video to find out why ;)

Tata Motors has launched the Manza sedan and the Prima commercial vehicle range for the South African market at the ongoing Johannesburg International Motor Show 2011. Tata has also displayed a barrage of other products laden with new technology.

Tata says that both products have been launched understanding the South African customers and the company aims at having a larger impact in that market in the coming years. South Africa is among the top priority markets for Tata Motors.

Tata Manza interiors

According to the official website, Tata Motors South Africa sells the B-Line (original Indica), Indica, Indica Ego (Vista) and the Indigo.

Among the large number of commercial vehicles and buses on display, Indian readers can connect well with the Tata Xenon CNG. The unavailability of CNG could be the road block for the small-volume Xenon in India. There is a much bigger market for the Xenon in South Africa and SAARC countries.

Both the Prima and the Manza have been testing completely in South Africa before the introduction. The Manza will be available at the Tata showrooms in S.A from the beginning of 2012.

Back in September, we brought you a story that Tata Motors is planning to launch the Tata Manza Celebration Edition during the festive season. It seems Tata Motors decided to not make a hue and cry about the launch and has silently taken the wraps of the Celebration Edition.

Tata Manza Celebration Edition front

The Tata Manza Celebration edition will sit above the Elan with a small price hike of Rs 15K. So what do you get for your money? Well you get:

  • Reverse Parking sensors
  • Leather ‘feel’ seats
  • Rich ebony black interior color scheme

Apart from that, all the features of Elan will be carried over to the Celebration Edition. No mechanical changes are being made to the engine, gearbox or the suspension. The Celebration edition will be offered in 1.4 liter petrol and the 1.3 liter Fiat diesel engine. Here are some live images for your viewing pleasure.

click through for images

Tata Manza Celebration EditionTata’s Manza has done exceptionally well for the company, maybe not so much to build volumes, but improving the Indigo’s brand image. The build quality, comfort, safety, space and finish were appreciated by Indian customers. The Manza, with improvements in every department, is now ready for another round of changes.

The Celebration Edition will try gaining the traction during the festive season with added features.

As the festive season is here almost every car manufacturer will try its best to woo customers into their showrooms by launching new variants and special edition. Volkswagen has flagged off this trend by launching their Breeze limited edition and other companies like Tata will now follow.

The Manza ‘Celebration Edition’ will sit above the Elan variant which currently is the top of the line. New features include

  • Reverse Parking sensors
  • Leather ‘feel’ seats
  • Rich ebony black interior color scheme

Apart from this the rest of the features remain same as the Elan variant i.e. the fully loaded variant. There are no changes being made to the mechanicals and the engine options remain the same with the 1.4 liter petrol and the 1.3 liter Fiat diesel engine.

Will the celebration edition make the Manza a more complete product?

Tata Motors will soon drop the Aqua, Aura and Elan names from the Indigo Manza brand sources familiar to the matter have told

Instead of these suffixes, Tata Motors will adopt the same nomenclature as the new Indica Vista – LS, LX, VX and ZX for diesel, and GLS, GLX, GVX and GZX for petrol variants on the Manza. The Manza is available in four variants on each engine option, so the LX could substitute Aqua.

Tata Indigo Manza

A recent market study conducted has shown that there is confusion in the minds of the customer due to the vast ocean of variants in the Tata portfolio. Since the original Indica continues to receive upgrades and exist in the portfolio, the confusion grows bigger.

Maruti Suzuki has taken the common nomenclature route and ZDI is the top-end model across brands in the same segment. Tata Motors will look to recreate the same effect and uniformity.

The source adds that gradually, the export market models will also gain the new variants and the recent cosmetic operation carried out on the Vista.

Like on the new Vista, the font size of Indigo could be further minimized and eventually cease to exist on brochures and marketing material.

Tata Motors has sold 4 lakh sedans in India since the launch of the Indigo back in the early 2000′s. We’ve seen all kinds of variants over the years. The Indigo with turbocharger and intercooler, Indigo DICOR with the CRDI engine, Indigo CS with TDI engine, Indigo CS with DICOR engine, Indigo XL with DICOR engine, Indigo XL with a really responsive 100bhp petrol engine and all other Indigos except for XL with smaller petrol engines.

Tata Indigo Manza special edition

Two years ago the Indigo range expanded with the addition of Manza that comes with 1.3-liter diesel and 1.4-liter petrol engine. IAB was first to report on the Manza CS which should accelerate sales past 5 lakh units.