Scooters are steadily gaining acceptance in the country as suggested by the Indian two wheeler sales report for FY2014. Almost every 4th two wheeler sold..

2012 was not the best year for the Indian auto market. Rising interest rates, erratic fuel policies, inflation and dull market sentiments are some of the reasons Indian automakers want to put the by-gone year behind them. However, luxury automakers such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes posted a respectable growth even in these gloomy conditions. In fact, luxury automakers are..

Americans do big engines, Italians do exquisite designs, Chinese do fake copies and the Germans, well, they make reliable cars. ‘German Engineering’ is perceived as a by-word for quality and precision engineering. Well, the perception may be a bit skewed. A recent study was published by Warranty Direct, UK’s leading provider of direct consumer warranties, rating..

SIAM’s (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) latest reports confirm that Indian car sales are likely to post their weakest growth in nine years this financial year. As per the industry data, the total output for the period of April-December 2012 stood at 1,697,625 vehicles as opposed to 1,677,588 in April-December 2011. A growth of just 1.19 percent isn’t impressive..

Two thousand seven hundred and seventy one – The number of authorized service outlets dealing with Maruti Suzuki cars in India. Maruti Suzuki boasts of having the widest service network in the country. It is spread across 1,342 cities in India. They don’t lie when they say you’re never far away from a Maruti service station in India. ..

Ten Million – The number of cars fitted with start-stop systems in the world by 2015, according to the Yano Research Institute in Japan. In 2009, only 900,000 cars were fitted with this fuel saving technology. Start-stop system shouldn’t be confused with button start in cars like Nissan Micra. Start-stop is an electro-mechanical device which sends the engine..