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Land Rover Freelander launch in India on Sep 22

If there is one category of market in India that's getting hotter by the day, it has to be the SUV market. After countless new SUVs this year (new Scorpio, Land Rovers, Toyota Fortuner, new Ford Endeavour) and many more to come (Hyundai Santa Fe,

Land Rover LRX to debut at Paris next year

The lightest, smallest and most fuel efficient Land Rover, the LRX will begin its life in a production line in 2011.Next year at the Paris Motor Show, the production model will be exhibited deriving important portions from its concept, shown at the

Lightest, smallest Land Rover LRX to be built in India?

Tata is miffed with the U.K government over the treatment extended to them in the Vista EV deal, which is still brewing. The U.K government has clearly ruffled their feathers and Tata, it seems, is contemplating the idea of manufacturing the fuel-efficient

Jaguar and Land Rover- Looking for Indian dealerships

Tata motors, which recently acquired Jaguar and Land Rover, is now helping the brands to set up their dealerships in the Indian market. Tata Motors is now exploring the domestic market in India after the success of Land Rover in Chinese and Russian market.

Land Rovers to be sold to the Indian Army

With the slowdown in car sales across the globe, manufacturers are coming up with ways and means to sell their cars. The worst hit are gas-guzzling SUV's ever since gas prices loomed to a record $4 per gallon in the U.S. Petrol prices have recovered in