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StudioTorino tunes Fiat 500

Fiat 500 is one most trendy cars of this era and no wonder it grabs so much attention from tuners. One such Italian tuning company called Studiotorino has taken up 500 and formulated its variant called Fiat 500 Diabolika which is inspired from the famous

What?! Fiat India says launch dates remain as they were

There has been too much of unwelcomed commotion and unrest amid Indian car fanatics and buyers due to the hold up of Fiat’s Linea, Grande Punto and Bravo launches. However Fiat denies any such thing as a delay and says it’s on schedule and

Fiat to manufacture world’s cheapest car by 2010

Fiat is cooking up a opponent for the Nano. I mean what’s with all these car makers? Where were they all these years? When Tata initiated the ‘world’s cheapest automobile’ idea, people looked at them with disgust. They spoke shit

Fiat 500 triumphs at Car of the Year Awards 2008

The Fiat 500 can’t stop winning awards and we can’t stop praising the little city car which has just been released here in India. The Fiat 500 has won all sorts of awards through the years including the prestigious International Car of the

Fiat 500 hybrid to debut at 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Having already had to increase production several times over, the Fiat 500 continues to win the hearts and minds of consumers around the world… tree-huggers included. But that isn’t about to stop Fiat from seeking out even more buyers, especially

Fiat 500 to be Hybridized !

The cinquecento is going hybrid! The in-demand Fiat will soon become even more appealing – with a petrol-electric engine that offers incredible fuel economy and super-low CO2 emissions. It will be based on the company’s forthcoming 900cc two-cylinder

Fiat 500 gets its Masculine version

For all those who feel the Fiat 500 is too flimsy, girlish and not having that umph factor then here comes the Fiat Abarth 500 which will be launched in the year 2009. Abarth is an Italian racing car maker founded in the late 1940’s. The Abarth

Cobra tunes Fiat 500

Charismatic, Fancy yet elegant Fiat 500 which was launched recently in India gets tuned by Cobra Technology & Lifestyle to given a modern incarnation to this classic Italian car. Cobra Technology & Lifestyle drew upon decades of experience in

Success of SX4 means no Fiat Sedici

The SX4 was first developed as a compact car jointly by Suzuki and Fiat and was introduced at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show. The car began production at the Japanese company’s Hungary plant. Fiat simultaneously sells the same car, rebadged as the Sedici,