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Daihatsu FC Deco Deck

2013 Tokyo Motor Show Live – Daihatsu FC Deco Deck

Italians have supercars, Americans have muscle cars, Germans have executive saloons and the Japanese, they excel in Kei cars. They are essentially very small cars that have tiny 600cc engines which are meant for the tight streets of Japan. Daihatsu has

Daihatsu Kopen front at Tokyo Motor Show 2013

2013 Tokyo Motor Show Live – Daihatsu Kopen

If you thought that the Daihatsu Kopen was a bit feminine for your taste then you will be pleased to know that the Japanese automaker is all ears for you. Daihatsu has presented a new, butch looking Kopen concept at the Tokyo Motor Show that may make

New Daihatsu Tanto front three quarters right at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

2013 Tokyo Motor Show Live – New Daihatsu Tanto

Daihatsu has showcased the redesigned Tanto at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. The Japanese kei car receives changes to both its looks and the mechanicals, showing significant overall improvement. The new Tanto sports a tallboy design, styled to present a

Daihatsu Xenia Scarlet front three quarters

Indonesia – Daihatsu Xenia Scarlet showcased

At the IIMS 2013, Daihatsu presented a new top-end trim line on the Xenia called the ‘Scarlet’ which imagines a luxurious variant without compromising on the minivan’s everyday usability. The Scarlet adds further luxury to the ‘Veloz’