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BMW confirms city car- Will it come to India?

With guys like VW, Skoda, Mercedes-Benz thinking of launching their existing small cars or tailor make small cars for India, the chances of BMW bringing, or maybe manufacturing its city car in India is high. The German manufacturer has confirmed that

BMW M3 tuned by Vorsteiner

The letter M maybe the most powerful alphabet, but a 3 accompanying it makes it more exciting without doubt. The M3 is all nuts already and we hear that Vorsteiner has gone a bit mad with even more mods. American tuner Vorsteiner wanted to modify the

Facelifted BMW 3 series and Estate Preview

BMW has always been the closest to heart when it comes to driving experience. We have got some exclusive pictures from Germany with the new facelifted 3 series parked at the dealerships. The new 3 series has its work cut out against the all new Audi A4

New bodykit for 3-series by Wald International

We have always talked about German tuning companies and they are definite favourites too, but here we have Wald International, a Japanese tuning company which has come up with a superbly fitting bodykit for the BMW 3 series. The kit made for E90 3 series

Dinan Tunes BMW M3 2008

The all new BMW M3 which was launched recently, now gets a performance tuning kit from Dinan. The M3 is in short, a BMW 3-Series after a few shots of Russian Vodka. Dinan, a tuning company founded in the year 1979, is well established as North America’s

Inside performance tunes BMW 3 Series

Inside performance, a well known German Tuning company has launched its latest performance tuning kit for the all new BMW 3 Series Sedan and Touring. Inside performance does a lot of innovation in cars aerodynamics, engine performance and sports performance.

Cylon Raider wins BMW design award. Er, ditch Chris Bangle

I think the winners of BMW’s design contest are breathing down the neck of Chris Bangle, to take his place as the Chief designer of BMW. What a way to do it ! Their design looks awesome even when standing still…On the downside, if BMW descides

BMW and Mercedes Benz to join forces?

According to the German car-magazine auto, motor und sport, the first terms of coming cooperation between BMW and Mercedes-Benz are almost certain. The most important aspect in their partnership, is the purchasing together of car parts that will help

Wanna know how fast your BMW is??? Try the iphone then

So you may think, whats a iphone doing on IAB. Well BMW has given us a cool software that can measure performance figures, g forces etc, the same kind of stuff that Polyphony Digital (makers of Gran Turismo) programmed for the Nissan GT-R‘s onscreen

IAB exclusive! 2009 BMW 3 Series for India

The present BMW 3 series is a good looking car. Somehow BMW thought it needed a mid life facelift. WOW they have created a stunning facelift. BMW India is expected to bring in the facelifted 3 series sometime soon(read early 2009). The 3 series is the

Scoop!! All new BMW Z4

Could this be the new BMW Z4?? Well, this is just a rendering!Ive also attached some spy picsWord just came down from Munich: the new 2009 BMW Z4, stage name E89, will make its official debut in November. The marketing materials are in works now and

All new 7 series Beemer to reach Indian shores in early 2009

BMW is planning a grand revival plan for the 7series with the all new model to be launched soon internationally.The earlier E65 has recorded lowest sales ever and this makes for a strong point to launch the new 7 series soon.The all new & series