A lot of poets, automobile journos and car aficionados compare the car to a human being. However, unlike human beings who have stopped evolving visibly, cars continue evolving. Additions like ABS and airbags which were the most sought-after features are becoming necessities today. With each passing year, customers are demanding more features in their cars. This means..

I have been observing a new trend in recent car launches. Every manufacturer in India wants to target the youth. It is not difficult to see the rationale behind this push. India is a young nation and most of the wealth lies with the youth. They are updated about new cars and play an important role in car buying decision. But most manufacturers have a very skewed perception..

The Mahindra Verito compact is certainly not the best looking product in tomorrow’s market, but prices are going to be mouth watering. Estimated rates of the most Verito CS variants would be about the same as the Swift diesel, under 7.5 lakh rupees. [can’t see the video above? Head over to Youtube] Of course comparing the dated Verito to the relatively recent..

[can’t see the video above? Head over to Youtube] Have modern diesel engines with almost nil turbolag (1.5L Renault K9K engine on B and C segment cars), with excellent refinement and fuel efficiency (1.3L Fiat Multijet on B segment cars) and the torque surge past a lower RPM (VW group 1.2L, 1.6L engines with truck loads of torque) impressed you enough that you won’t..

[can’t see the video above? Head over to Youtube] Five years ago, a small car was treated as an essential for foraying into India. Manufacturers who were already operating in India were studying a global product or pursuing a program with Indian conditions as the focal point. The Ford Figo, Toyota Etios, Honda Brio, Hyundai Eon and the Chevrolet Spark are some of..

Note – The references made to the drawbacks of an automatic transmission are from an average Indian car’s perspective. Please think of i10, A-Star and cars from the affordable or popular segments when viewing this video. [can’t see the video above head over to Youtube] Automatic transmissions don’t just negate the clutch and the gear, but try hard..

[can’t see the video above? Head over to Youtube] In the last B2B video of 2013, I’d like to know from you which is the biggest launch of 2013. Is it the Honda Brio Amaze that promises to bring the volumes that the Brio and Jazz failed to bring to Honda? Is it the Tata Nano diesel with the frugal CR4 technology that could open up diesel technology in the A..

Note – There are no visuals today on B2B due to a technical problem. We will be back on Monday with a video. Moving on to the topic, do you feel that there is a visual benefit in adding faux off-road kit to a hatchback, or mounting the spare wheel on the tailgate? Are they visual enhancements in your perspective? We have a silent faux-crossover in the Skoda Fabia..

The festival season is the time of the year where manufacturers view the positive customer sentiment as a chance to launch new products. [can’t see the video above? Head over to Youtube] During this year’s festival season, we’ve had plenty of new launches. While the overall market environment is challenging, there were two launches that stood above the..

The all-new 2013 Skoda Octavia lands in India next year. It is Skoda India’s most significant launch as their Up!-based product plans are on slow burn. [can’t see the clip above? Head over to Youtube] Skoda is leading the ‘E’ segment with the Superb. The Superb’s success clearly came from the introduction of a diesel engine, but it wasn’t..