If you kept pace with our updates, you saw this one coming. Toyota Kirloskar Motor today launched the Land Cruiser Prado facelift. The refreshed SUV is priced at 84.87 lakh rupees (ex-showroom New Delhi). While the car’s already on sale in other..

Indian Autos Blog learns that TKM is working on the launch plan of the Toyota Prado facelift in India. The facelifted model was previewed through press shots prior to the Frankfurt Motor Show (though it didn’t make it there) and was introduced in..

Pictures of the 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado that we presented a couple of days ago are indeed authentic. [Can’t view the video? Head to Youtube] Here is the video of the refreshed Prado that’s a perfect match to those images. Launched in 2009, the current generation Prado is receiving its mid-life refresh. Radiator slats are thicker and set wider apart. The bumper is closed, and the..

2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado front

Launched in 2009, the current generation Toyota Land Cruiser Prado has not seen any styling changes yet. In fact, except for a suspension update, the SUV continues untouched.

Great Wall Motors is on the brink of entering the Indian market with plans for a new manufacturing facility at Pune. Great Wall is China’s largest SUV maker and they want to be the world’s largest SUV maker very soon. Key to this will be new products, large and small. At the 2013 Auto Shanghai for example, the Haval H2 was unveiled and it is the smallest SUV in their lineup. It is expected..

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado was launched in India with a diesel heart last year. Drivers appreciated it for its off-roading ability, show it any terrain, and it’ll take up the challenge with a smile.

But there are limitations to what a car can do even if it’s a Land Cruiser Prado. If you see a dry patch of land with bumps, gravel, mud, sand, steep inclines and even tiny craters, then yes, you can use your Prado to conquer with speed and skill.

But if there’s a 10 foot deep trench or ditch filled with water waiting to swallow elephants, you’re better off with a boat or a hovercraft, as this man found out.


Last week, Toyota launched the diesel variant of the Land Cruiser Prado in Bangalore. I was present at the function in Bangalore which was followed by a press conference where the TKM management spoke about their future plans and revealed information unknown to the press.

I’ll lay down the details in another post.

The Prado diesel, which come with the 3.0L Diesel engine and Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) is priced at Rs 52.74 lakhs (ex-showroom Bangalore). The vehicle is very muscular and compared to the outgoing Prado, this one is better in every department. This vehicle is for the person who wants to shell out for a Toyota SUV, and cannot wait for the Fortuner.

The press release and images will give you enough information on the Prado to munch on.

Information and images of the LC Prado will be posted today. Toyota’s management spoke out on several topics which has been bothering us, and we will discuss it in detail today in another post.