IAB Picks – 10 compact SUVs that are not sold in India, but need to be

Posted on: Aug 15, 2014 - 1:59pm IST

The compact SUV segment in India, and abroad, has seen an upward sales spike in recent years. So much that in 2013, the compact SUV/crossover segment witnessed a growth of 81 percent in Europe, without cannibalizing on other segments. Bearing this in mind, many car makers have announced, or have started working on their compact SUVs, some of which are even India bound.

However, this story is more about products that are not available in India, and most probably will never launch in India as they would be “too expensive” and “not meant for our market”.

1. Chevrolet Trax

2015 Chevrolet Trax at 2014 New York Auto Show - front three quarter right
The Chevrolet Trax could be an ideal fit in GM India’s portfolio.

GM in India has tried its luck in the hatchback, sedan and MPV segments, but has not bothered with compact SUVs. The Chevrolet Trax, which is a 4.24 meter long crossover, could be an ideal fit for Indian tastes. However, the brand has no plans to launch the Trax in India, and instead has planned the sub-4 meter Adra shown at the Auto Expo. We wouldn’t get our hopes high for the moment as the Adra is not expected until 2017.

2. Honda Vezel

Honda Vezel at Auto China 2014
The Jazz-based Vezel is deemed expensive for India.

Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show last year, Honda India quashed speculations about the Honda Vezel coming to India. Simply put, the Vezel will be difficult to localize here, and increasing import content will drive up the price. Instead, a crossover based on the Brio platform is being developed.

17 thoughts on “IAB Picks – 10 compact SUVs that are not sold in India, but need to be

  1. Nazveel Patel says:

    How can youl people forget about toyata rav4 it is the yhe besy compact suv

  2. dinesh shekhar says:

    Honda Vezel, Nissan Juke/Qashqai, Renault Captur, Hyundai IX35 (Tuscon) – are the best bets for India. From this, Honda should launch the Vezel in India at the earliest. Price-wise it can be a bit more than the Renault Duster/Nissan Terrano. It will do wonders for Honda India. But will Honda listen??
    Renault Captur is definitely the most modern looking Renault, but I fail to understand why dont they plan to launch this chick mini SUV in India? Renault should not ignore the majority SUV-savvy youth population of India.
    Nissan, you know, by ignoring the immense possibilities of Inda, your action can only be suicidal especially when you are not planning to launch Juke or Qashqai and even the Murrano in India. It will be late, if you ever plan to enter into these segments.
    And, Hyundai, who knows Indian markets better than you? You are clever too with the first mover advantage. But, beware, India’s taste is changing faster than you expect. We want IX35 and even the IX25 (not any more “Crosses”, please) – success will be yours if you act fast.

  3. Brejendra says:

    hi Ravi i am reading for Toyota Rush for over one and half year but yet to hear anything positive on it.
    With increase in diesel prices, a good petrol min-SUV makes sense for a sensible auto company.
    Is there any confirmation or denial by Toyota for this car or any other mini-SUV?

    1. Hello, the current Rush is ruled out for India. Toyota have not made official announcements on a mini SUV for India yet.

  4. tucon fan says:

    i prefer hyundai ix35 tucson would be ideal for india looks and good and reliable hyundai service

  5. Navin says:

    With it’s love-me hate-me looks the Juke may not necessarily pander to Indian tastes. A more relevant car from the Nissan stable can be the Qashqai which is doing extremely well in Europe – it’s the 6 best selling car in the UK in 2013. And not for no reason. With it’s pleasing styling (especially the new one that came out in 2014), high driving position, ample space and running costs to rival the likes of Ford Focus in the UK, it’s quite a sensible option.

    1. Siddharth Kumar says:

      It sold so much that the Sunderland plant couldn’t handle the load and they had to ship units all the way from Russia! It should probably succeed the Terrano so it should hopefully be in india by 2016.

  6. Siddharth Kumar says:

    nissan juke could really work in india. A country which loves the swift which is ugly at best will most definitely love the juke.

  7. Siddharth Kumar says:

    jeep has not foothold on the indian market currently.

  8. Pandi says:

    I belive that still HONDA will consider this beauty to india. Please bring Vezel to compete with Hyundai ix25


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