Comparo – Tata Zest vs Maruti Swift Dzire vs Honda Amaze vs Hyundai Xcent

Posted on: Jul 14, 2014 - 6:28pm IST

The Tata Zest will be here next month to upset the apple cart in the compact sedan segment where Maruti, Honda and Hyundai have all benefited in. Here is our tech spec camparo of the Zest with its intended rivals, the Maruti Swift Dzire, Honda Amaze and the Hyundai Xcent.

With all its rivals stealing a spot in June’s top 10 best sellers, things are looking up for the Zest’s segment.

Tata Zest Diesel vs Rivals

Tata Zest diesel vs rivals
The Zest diesel will also come with a five-speed manual transmission, but its specifications have not been announced.

The Honda Amaze emerges as the most powerful car in its crop with an output of 98 bhp (100 PS) from its 1.5-litre engine. The Xcent makes do with the smallest (1.1-litre three-cylinder) engine which is also the least powerful of the lot at (70.5 bhp) 72 PS. The Zest and the Swift Dzire employ the same 1.3-litre Fiat Multijet motor but the former has 88.2 bhp (90 PS) on tap, thanks to a Variable Geometry Turbine (VGT), while the latter delivers 73.5 bhp (75 PS).

The Amaze and the Zest generate the highest torque at 200 Nm while the Xcent, with an output of 180.4 Nm, finds itself at the bottom of chart. The Tata Zest’s biggest USP, and the one that makes all the difference, is its AMT gearbox while the rest are equipped with 5-speed manual transmissions. The Zest will also come with a five-speed manual gearbox.

This comparo will be revised once the Zest’s fuel economy rating and prices are announced. As of now, the Amaze returns 25.8 km/l, the Xcent 24.4 km/l while the Dzire delivers 23.4 km/l. In terms of pricing, the Amaze has the most expensive base variant at INR 5.97 lakhs while the Xcent is the most affordable car at INR 5.56 lakhs (both the prices ex-showroom Delhi). The Zest also enjoys the very unique distinction of being the cheapest diesel-automatic car in India.

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Tata Zest Petrol vs Rivals

Tata Zest petrol vs rivals

All these compact sedans are powered by 1.2-litre four-cylinder petrol engines but the Zest’s unit is turbocharged. The Zest is the most powerful car in the segment at 88.2 bhp (90 PS) closely followed by the Amaze at 86.2 bhp (88PS) and the Swift Dzire at 85.2 bhp (87 PS) while the Xcent is the least powerful at 81.34 bhp (83 PS).

In terms of torque, the turbocharged Zest trounces the competition at 140 Nm while the Honda Amaze delivers the lowest torque at 109 Nm. Interestingly, the Zest petrol doesn’t offer an AMT option. All sedans are equipped with a standard 5-speed MT. The Xcent and the Swift Dzire also come with 4-speed automatic units while the Amaze’s automatic option is a 5-speed gearbox.

Again, prices or FE figures of the Zest petrol have not been revealed. The Xcent and the Swift Dzire deliver an identical 19.1 km/l (with a manual gearbox) while the Amaze manages 18 km/l.

Just like the diesel lineup, the Amaze is the most expensive car, starting at INR 6.7 lakhs and the Xcent is the most affordable, starting at INR 6.28 lakhs (both prices are ex-showroom Delhi).

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2 thoughts on “Comparo – Tata Zest vs Maruti Swift Dzire vs Honda Amaze vs Hyundai Xcent

  1. Mohit Verma says:

    Specs wise Zest surpasses all, I hope the product brings brilliant and much needed success to TATA Motors.

  2. Dr. Nayak says:

    Price this car starting from 3.99 (plus all the options at extra) and kill the competition. Also Tata must provide unique aftermarket kits (strictly appearance value only) for younger generation like rare spoiler, brightly colored brake caliper covers, LED cluster lighting for fog lamps, under the front grill LED lighting, Illuminated Tata logo on the front, extended molded polymeric side skirts, die cut graphic patterns and rims with anodized/chrome pattern. These things cost practically nothing to make, but bring more money than sophisticated real useful options.


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