Report – Cyrus Mistry calls on Tata Motors to focus on “bringing winning products”

Posted on: Apr 2, 2014 - 12:36pm IST

The Tata Group’s chairman Cyrus Mistry has called for Tata Motors to enhance their “capability in bringing winning products to the market in a fast and cost-effective manner.”

Tata Zest front - Geneva Live

In a PTI report on the Economic Times, Mistry is quoted as saying that every function, right from purchasing to manufacturing to sales will need to work hard for the iconic brand to bounce back in the market. He also called on the employees of the company to instituionalise the new product development process.

Mistry also described that two functions, namely a focus on quality and customer experience, are of utmost importance.

The 2013-14 fiscal saw one of the worst years for Tata Motors, with sales of both passenger cars and commercial vehicles dropping by huge levels. Overall, the company sold 5,66,695 units, registering a drop in sales of around 30 percent compared to the previous fiscal.

Tata Bolt front - Geneva Live

Of the 5.66 lakh units sold, commercial vehicles accounted for 3,78,348 units, while passenger cars contributed the remaining 1,38,455 units.

Tata Motors has a couple of product launches lined up for 2014, with the Tata Zest in the compact sedan market and the Tata Bolt in the hatchback segment. The company had also recently unveiled its new Revotron engine which would be used on these cars.

[Source – The Economic Times]

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7 thoughts on “Report – Cyrus Mistry calls on Tata Motors to focus on “bringing winning products”

  1. Ravi Goel says:

    Never buy Tata Products, they give worst,, not reliable product
    they charges more in service part,

    1. Bhargava says:

      My parents own a Manza (2010 make). Never had a break-down. Service or Parts charges are low compared to other global manufacturers. They love the cabin space, comfort, reliability and the low maintenance costs.

  2. Dinesh T says:

    Trust, TATA Motor’s approach is changing from “We know what is the best for you” to “What is desired by the market”! Of course, focus on Winning Products, Quality & Customer Experience would be important factors to bounce back. Some efforts in this direction are beginning to show hope and what is needed is faster response.
    All the best to the new management team!

  3. dinesh shekhar says:

    Well done, Cyrus ! Why most Indians are going away from brand Tata when we speak about cars, is something the senior Folks at Tata Motors should sit and read. The huge enthusiasm created at the Auto Expo years ago when Tatas first launched the Indica car is somhting comes to my mind visa-vis the reason behind the present day scene. Where all were you at fault, or was it a known silence and a deliberate attempt to ignore the Indian mindset (who knows Indian better than you, Tata).

    Give us world class products. If you can find huge success after taking over JLR, why cant you repeat that same success in your own domestic market with the Tata branded products. Change would need from within – change the approach and give us world class engines and products capable to beat Innovas, Swifts and the Altos… Tata, we are with you !

    1. Bhargava says:

      Well said Mr. Shekar!! The Safari, Indica and Sumo, when launched in the 90s were market leaders for few years in their respective segments. Lack of new launches is the primary reason behind the low sales.

      Mr. Mistry is more of a numbers person, and I am sure he will turn-around the sales and perceptions very soon. It’s just a matter of time.

      The Zest was developed in a fiercely short period of time, and I am sure Tata Motors will emulate the same urgency for the future launches as well.

    2. Anish says:

      Very well said. It is better to buy cars of Tatas instead of Suzukis & Toyotas of this world who are more interested in taking money back from their Indian subsidiaries(Read Suzuki’s plan to have a plant in Gujarat and the Royalty they charge). All said and done, people would still look for a better package in terms of styling, efficiency & pricing. This is what they are targeting, I guess

      1. Bhargava says:

        That’s true, Mr. Anish!!

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