Report – Maruti Suzuki likely to end FY with 50 percent market share

Posted on: Mar 27, 2014 - 4:26pm IST

The country’s largest car manufacturer cemented its position as the leading brand in India. Maruti Suzuki is likely to end the 2013 fiscal with a near 50 percent market share in India.

A report on the Times of India says that in the April 2013 – February 2014 period, Maruti’s market share stood at 49.8 percent. The company’s chief operating officer for marketing and sales, Mayank Pareek, is quoted in the report as saying that the market share is the company’s best in the last 4-5 years. Pareek also says that the company has gained 4.3 percent over the last year and that with the industry falling by 4.6 percent, the company has grown by 4.5 percent.

Maruti Alto Krescendo at Auto Expo 2014
The Maruti Alto has sold 2.32 lakh units in the April 2013 – February 2014 period.

The main models driving the Maruti bandwagon is the Alto, Swift and Swift Dzire, with the Alto selling 2.32 lakh units as of the end of February 2014, nearly double of its closest competitor. As for the Swift and its sedan version, it accounted for 1.79 lakh units and 1.8 lakh units respectively, says the report. [Note: Sales figures for April 2013-February 2014 period.]

One of the main reasons for this spur in sales is said to be a shift from being fixated on diesel models, says the report. As of November 2012, 62 percent of all models sold were diesel-powered and this has reduced to 52 percent for this year, Pareek added.

[Source – The Times of India]

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2 thoughts on “Report – Maruti Suzuki likely to end FY with 50 percent market share

  1. Mouseman says:

    I think Maruti has a great product with the export version of the Alto (A Star?). In Australia this car is by far the best value. I also own a 2.4L Toyota Camry and a Toyota Yaris and the Maruti is way better in city driving, is much cheaper to run and is cheaper to insure and tax here. It also is easier to park. I should also mention that it 60% cheaper to buy than the cheapest Toyota and although not as well finished it drives as well as the Yaris.

    I got the Maruti as a cheap run about for my wife but now I let her drive the other cars and go to work in the Maruti – it is fun!

  2. Manish says:

    Cheers to Maruti ! They should cheer it loud, as coming years are going to be really rough for them. Last year Renault, Honda, Ford and now Datsun, tasted the success. They have got taste of success from one model, and I am sure they are going to translate that in all coming models. The only advantage with Maruti is they started operations well ahead of other competitors and hence have deep penetrations in remote towns and villages , apart then A, B ,C class cities. This is the only factor saving Maruti. But good common sense models from better manufacturer are flowing in thick n fast. So Maruti cheer it loud, as you will not get same taste of success in coming years.


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