Report – Tata Nano to get AMT & opening tailgate, debut at Auto Expo 2014

Posted on: Feb 3, 2014 - 1:24pm IST

Tata Motors will unveil an automatic variant of the Tata Nano, alongside one with an opening tailgate, at the upcoming Auto Expo 2014, Autocar India reports.

Tata Nano Twist front quarter
The Tata Nano Twist will get an opening tail gate and this version would be called the Tata Nano Twist Active.

The report also reveals that the variant with the opening tailgate would be called the Tata Nano Twist Active. However, the tailgate will increase the weight of the Nano by around 70-80 kg and this could have an impact on the car’s mileage.

It was reported earlier that the company is considering a CVT or a clutchless AMT, like in the Maruti Celerio, for the Nano and it seems to have zeroed in on the latter, potentially whisking away the Celerio’s “Cheapest AMT in India” title.

Tata Nano Twist dashboard (2)
The Tata Nano with an AMT gearbox will make its debut at the Auto Expo 2014.

The recently launched Tata Nano Twist, if coupled with an AMT gearbox, could make for the ideal city car. The fact that Tata Motors wants to provide an option of an Automatic Nano indicates its willingness to position the Nano as a city car, rather than a budget car.

The accessibility of the Nano’s already small boot space has always been a sore point on the car, but Tata aims to correct this with the functioning tailgate.

[Source – Autocar India]

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11 thoughts on “Report – Tata Nano to get AMT & opening tailgate, debut at Auto Expo 2014

  1. Yogesh Saxena says:

    Every coin has two faces. When Nano was showcased whole world was stunned to see India did. Moreover the media created hype and due to little faults they targeted as LAKHTAKIYA CAR.or POOR MEN’s car. Now Tata group tsking every possible steps to improvise its interior, extetior and specs. To establish dream project of Mr . Tata, people’s car at affordable price and make totally different Class of its own

  2. Yogesh Saxena says:

    As of now going thru details right from showcased nano twist active amt, if diesel version shelved. Plz let me know when such model will touch Indian roads.
    Onemore query can a customer get CNG fitted to nano twist if yes whout would be the con road price for!
    The Nano amt with maximum features will definately put the car most affordable and in demand. Being Indian I feel proud for Mr. Tata for accepting challenge and produce smallest n cheapest Indian Car.

  3. sandy says:

    Another mouth shutting surprise from Tata team. We wished for tail gate and Tata will do it but with addition of AMT; running faster then our wish. I’m getting impressed with their move.
    But I’m bit clueless about why the addition of tailgate would be increasing the weight by 70-80 kilos?

    1. Bhargava says:

      Dear Sandy,

      Your question made me think. Let us calculate the stuff…

      a. Rear wind-screen (glass) – less than 6 Kg
      b. Door frame (steel) – less than 10 Kg
      c. Hinges (metal) – less than 2 Kg
      d. Gas struts (two of them) – less than 3 Kg
      e. Lock assembly + Cables + Handle – less than 4 Kg
      f. Rubber beading + plastic panels + miscellaneous stuff- less than 2 Kg

      Total approximate weight should be: less than 30 Kg.

      Am I missing something? Is Tata Motors adding anti-intrusion beams? Or with all these busy launches and schedules, they mistakenly gave the Bolt’s boot-lid specification? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Bhargava says:

        I guess I underestimated the weight of the steel tail-gate frame and sheet. I also forgot that the rear-end of the body frame needs additional reinforcement to adapt to the opening tail-gate, and this reinforcement demands additional steel, adding to the weight.

  4. Saffron says:

    Sure all the features add usp of the nano but scoring 0 in ncap test totally thrashes it’s credibility

    1. Dr. Nayak says:

      Just because it got Zero in the crash test doesnโ€™t mean this is a bad car. This car is for city or local driving only, and nothing is wrong with that positioning. My question is why a car like Honda Fit, which is priced 5 times higher and sold in USA has similar crash test rating? The point is, all small cars have this problem, and only way to solve this issue is to incorporate advanced safety features which are expensive and results in increased weight and reduced fuel economy. If safety is the only concern, then millions of people would not have purchased any two wheelers.

    2. Bhargava says:

      Dear Saffron,

      It all depends on your perspective and your level of awareness about other cars in the Indian market. As Dr. Nayak has mentioned above, cars that cost more than twice the cost of Nano are yielding the same results in terms of Safety.

      Nano was designed for a unique cause, and it is exceeding the expectations for which it was designed for – that is – to provide an all-weather form of safety transport for a small family. Tata Nano is SAFER than any TWO WHEELER and in fact, is COMPETING with other cars that would cost more than twice as much.

      Now it’s time to think about the other cars which scored 0 (zero) in NCAP tests, but are much pricier than Tata Nano. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Aryan says:

    This should have been done right away instead of right now. Can’t say exactly but the nano has already lost all its hype and it will be difficult to make a comeback now. Nevertheless, it’s good that Tata has finally bothered to respond to the nano’s biggest flaws

  6. Bhargava says:

    That’s AMAZING!! This is yet another weapon in Nano’s Arsenal to defend against the market conditions and perceptions, and find true love and admiration in the peoples hearts.

    The newly launched Nano Twist is already getting good reviews on the Precision and Efficiency of the Power Steering. Now with the upcoming addition of Opening Tailgate, Automated Manual Transmission and the much awaited Diesel engine, the Nano is all set to win the hearts of many Indians.

  7. Karthik says:

    This is what Tata should have done long time ago for the Nano…. People looking for a small car are the one’s who want to ease away in this city traffic with minimum effort….. it might prove to be a good choice for elderly people as well, who can drive with minimum effort that too at an affordable price….. Thumbs up!!!!


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