Spied – IAB reader snaps the Tata Movus ahead of its Auto Expo debut

Posted on: Jan 31, 2014 - 10:20am IST

An Indian Autos Blog reader has sent in these spyshots of the Tata Movus (pronounced Move-Us). The Movus is reported to be an improved version of the current Sumo Grande, and in order to appeal to a new audience, Tata will ditch the nameplate as well.

Tata Movus IAB spied bumper
The Sumo Grande will get re-branded as the ‘Tata Movus’.

In terms of design, the only visual enhancements we’re able to see in these images are the side body graphics. Towards the rear, these prototypes are devoid of any badges, and the black bumpers and steel rims indicate that they could be the base variants on test.

In terms of powertrain, the Movus will use the same engine which powers the Safari Storme. This 2.2-liter four-cylinder VariCOR engine produces 140 PS of power and 320 Nm of torque in the Storme and comes mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. By using this engine, the Movus will achieve a higher ARAI-certified fuel efficiency than the Grande.

Tata Movus IAB spied front
Side body graphics seem to be the only design enhancement on the Movus.

Mechanical enhancements are reported to be an improved clutch and a better and longer lasting brake lining among others.

Tata will price the Movus a notch above the Grande (which is currently priced at INR 8 lakhs ex-Showroom, New Delhi for the base BS 4 variant). We expect the Movus to be announced at the Auto Expo next week. Stay tuned to Indian Autos Blog for further details.

Tata Movus Spy Image Gallery

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11 thoughts on “Spied – IAB reader snaps the Tata Movus ahead of its Auto Expo debut

  1. jawahar says:

    Don’t judge a car by its look, go fa performance and durability against Indian roads, if u need an stylish one better rebuild or design it instead of making comments

  2. Bhargava says:

    This is not a new launch at all. This is just the existing Grande aimed at the commercial segment / fleet operators. I wonder why anyone would expect anything radically new out of a old / existing vehicle.

    The transformation has just begun at Tata Motors and the new products are yet to hit the market starting March or April 2014.

    2015 – 2016 will see brand new designs/ vehicles based on the existing platforms and 2016 – 2017 will see brand new vehicles / designs on brand new platforms.

  3. prem avichal says:

    Not going to do in numbers. It should have change interior and give colour bumper.

  4. anurag says:

    the other movus in d second
    pic looks longer.

    1. Ayyappan says:

      Very good observation Anurag unlike the blind comments seen all over a Tata post.

      Agree with you ..looks like they’ve re worked the seating layout or even added more seats ? Considering the fact that the Move-us is considered for the Taxi segment…this might well be useful.

    2. Milo Cruise says:

      I totally agree with anurag and ayappan. People on Indianautosblog have taken oath to just criticize tata motors and all its products whether it be Storme or Vista or any other vehicle.

      1. Dhananjayan says:

        Yes, the second car is longer, maybe with additional 10 seating option!
        But still, it is disappointing!

  5. Krishna says:

    We are certainly lagging behind when it comes to Designs.I don’t understand Y TATA stick only to few models and run their entire range around these models as if these are the last models in the world.From decades we are seeing Indica,Sumo and Saffari with no major change in exteriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dhananjayan says:

    Absolutely devastatingly disappointing!

  7. Ramish says:

    ABOVE 8L ????

    Some companies learn from their mistakes, some from other’s mistakes and some never learn. TATA motors is type 3.
    (Use some brain and position it close to bolero, Sumo gold is not working out there).

  8. Ganesh says:

    Sick and Sad TATA


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