Report – Tata ‘Jump’ SUV concept coming to Auto Expo

Posted on: Jan 25, 2014 - 5:02pm IST

Indian Autos Blog informed you earlier this week that the upcoming Auto Expo for Tata Motors is going to be big in terms of new production and concept cars.

Apart from the Falcon 4 hatchback, the Falcon 5 compact sedan and the new Revotron engine, Tata will also show a crossover concept at the exhibition. Dubbed the Tata Jump, the concept is based on the Vista’s X1 platform.

Tata Vista D90 Xtreme concept rear
The Jump would be a full fledged crossover, and not like a dressed-up Vista hatchback. (Image – Tata Vista D90 Xtreme Concept from last year’s unveiling)

Autocar reports that the Jump will be a sub-4 meter crossover, poised to challenge the likes of the Ford EcoSport.

Sources have told Indian Autos Blog that the Jump has been given the green light for production and that a 2015 market launch can be expected.

Powering the Jump will be a 1.2-liter Revotron engine tuned to produce 100 bhp. Meanwhile, Autocar says that Tata is developing an all-new diesel engine which could see its introduction in the Jump.

Tata Motors has a long history with the Geneva Motor Show. Hence, the Jump could be presented again at the Geneva Show in March this year, for the international visitors and press.

Stay tuned to Indian Autos Blog for more information on the Tata Jump.

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2 thoughts on “Report – Tata ‘Jump’ SUV concept coming to Auto Expo

  1. fintsho Duke says:

    This model may be too little too late. By then the market would have been flooded with mini SUVs and tata will have nothing new to offer if what is seen in this coverage is to believe.

  2. vikash shrivastava says:

    i have five ***** “star” for your blog..!


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