Comparo – Honda City vs Hyundai Verna vs VW Vento vs Skoda Rapid vs Nissan Sunny

Posted on: Jan 7, 2014 - 2:30pm IST

The 2014 Honda City has just gone on sale in India. Now in its fourth generation, the new City promises to build on its predecessors’ success and offer even more space and features, along with a diesel engine option.

Honda City vs Hyundai Verna vs VW Vento vs Skoda Rapid vs Nissan Sunny diesel

The City finds its arch rivals in the Nissan Sunny, Hyundai Verna, VW Vento and the Skoda Rapid. After reading the first three rows of our spec sheet, it becomes obvious that the new City diesel is not the performance oriented car here. Compared to the competition (apart from the Sunny), it’s engine is smaller by 100cc and as it doesn’t produce the most amount of power or torque. Instead, thanks to its 6-speed transmission, the City is the most fuel efficient of the lot.

Honda City vs Hyundai Verna vs VW Vento vs Skoda Rapid vs Nissan Sunny petrol

The City petrol on the other hand retains its fantastic i-VTEC engine, though engineers have retuned it to produce slightly better power and torque. This has also resulted in an increase in the fuel economy of the car and the City petrol manual delivers a class-leading 17.8 km/l (though the CVT delivers an even higher 18 km/l).

The City has, for long been the choice of the rear-seat, chauffeur-driven owner. In the 2014 model, Honda has retained the same exterior length of the car, though the wheelbase has been stretched to 2,600 mm (exactly the same as the Sunny).

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27 thoughts on “Comparo – Honda City vs Hyundai Verna vs VW Vento vs Skoda Rapid vs Nissan Sunny

  1. uday says:

    Clearly many friends who are commenting here have not driven these cars in real life conditions….Verna is a horrible choice coz the claim of 126 horses is no good. The car starts to bob around at 80 kmph, forget about taking a sharp turn at high speeds its a disaster on the highways……power jas to be usable, you cannot put 200bhp in a maruti 800. The cars chasis is so weak that it cannot handle such power. There is no beating the linea and fiesta in terms of handling, but sadly they do not have the bhps. The best option the is the german cousins vento n rapid….they can both cream verna im real life conditions bcoz their in gear accerlations are insane and can pin u back to the seat and tgey handle well too….bottom line : when someone looks at a cars figures on paper and comments it shows….if u r really inter3sred take these cars out for a spin and chk it for yourself…….

    1. Haggu says:

      A bajaj auto is any day better than Verna/Rapid/Vento

    2. Atul says:

      Thumbs up for vento, All those who write asour verna and city, dont yet know vento yet.

  2. Unsurpassed says:

    Rapid My 14 banged with features like bluetooth and audio control on steering, leather wrap on gear knob and steering wheel, USB and Co Aux port, Projector head lights, ergolever…and skoda rapid is renowed for performance , handling and suspension…at end i would say by seeing said words skoda rapid tops on all…the only concern which is still in question how about after sales…hope this has been sorted out after iopening plant in pune.

    1. Vijay says:

      I totally disagree. The Skoda Rapid just cannot be compared to the Honda City. The Rapid looks ordinary, poor quality of interiors, terrible after sales service and lot more. Its better to buy a Maruti 800 instead of buying a Rapid. I am sure just like the name, the Rapid will be Rapidly out of the car market.

      1. Unsurpassed says:

        People should address comments after driving all C segment cars…. recently i drove honda city diesel and even its not near by verna for SKoda its to far…. except new touch AC system panel all interior quality is not upto mark…HOnda should work on noise insulation damp…and suspension needs lot of improvement…

      2. Dhananjayan says:

        Well, you say the Honda quality is better than VW and Skoda? Honda cars are poor in refinement. There is no other car in the segment as elegant and completely solidly built with excellent quality as the Vento/Rapid!

      3. Varsh says:

        Skoda has improved a lot in aftersales and german performance can never be under-rated. City is not a performance based car (being myself a fan of Honda) and even the new city doesn’t offer the driving pleasure that u get whn compared with german counterparts. The new city’s touch a/c is just a chinese gizmo that spks its quality. Damn sure Rapids interior is far better than the new city’s. And most probably U have never drove a Rapid / New Honda. Also u were never an owner of Skoda (a guess by ur comments). Guess u r just speaking by word of mouth status on skoda’s after-sales.

      4. Saye Sivakumaar says:

        This comment shows that u r more concerned about in built info-entertainment features rather than engine performance power and sturdiness of the body

      5. Raj says:

        That’s very harsh. Honda city is reliable and more fuel efficient but not performance oriented car. The tyres are shoddy and interiors are also cheap. They have given some gizmo’s that i agree. But engine performance and driveability of vento/ rapid is far superior.

  3. Shubham says:

    Hyundai Verna is the best choice & value for money too..
    VERNA ROCKS..!!!

    1. Dhananjayan says:

      What about the instability and flawed dynamics of the car? also the poor highway handling? Totally unsafe above 80kmph.

    2. Varsh says:

      Braking at 140kmph is great and had a proper skid during test drive. Don’t know whether ABS works.

  4. karu says:

    Why did u forget fiat linea T-jet

  5. $@! says:

    Guys Not only the engines but Verna has the Looks & Features (Safety + Interiors).

    Verna’s 1.6L engine is good for 126 horses which the ELANTRA CRDI uses. The engine is from a segment above.

    Verna also has a 1.4L U2 engine which is good for 90 horses. That should have also been included as the 1.6L engine costs a 1Lakh more than the other cars in the comparision.

    The cars which are a segment above such as, the Toyota COROLLA Diesel churns out 88horses. Renault FLUENCE churns out around 110 horses. Verna is a good buy when compared to these cars. Undisputedly VERNA is the segment king.

    The Volumes speak for themselves.


  6. Auto Analyst says:

    From the comparison figures, Hyundai seems to be looting the customers…

    Hyundai Verna is priced approx 1L higher compared to Honda’s, Volkwagens, Skoda’s, Nissans, etc in both Petrol and Diesel segments…

    1. Gaurav says:

      well if you look closely, hyundai has packed its verna with most sporty engine. Honda ‘s diesel is pathetic. It’s wasn’t even the best in amaze’s segment but Honda failed to improve the same. It makes lot of noice, u can even hear that in cabin. Verna on the other hand is the most refined one.

      IAB, why didn’t you compare Hyundai’s 1.4l diesel verna. It should be enough for Honda 😉

      1. Auto Analyst says:

        Hello Gaurav,

        1L difference is too much only for a refined engine reason… for a 20 bhp more…

        Sporty engine ??? Looking at the torque figures, it is almost same as Volkswagen’s / Skoda’s… For diesel engines, torque matters more…

        what about petrol engines… Hyundai is costlier by 1L too there…

        Are Hyundai petrol engines more refined compared to Honda’s, Volkswagens, etc ???

    2. sri says:

      Its all about how u feel the car with its features !! and its refinement have you ever noticed the rear boot lid finish and the over all finish in Honda and compared that with Hyundai ? also the metal used in the hyundai is solid one will even feel heavy while opening the doors of a verna , No car company is running charity to give the car without profit and always there are some reason behind a low cost !! take a look live from the showrooms 🙂

  7. sweta says:

    Compettively priced.

  8. Arun says:

    unfair to include the verna 1.6 range as the starting price, since the 1.4 is the entry level model… if the idea was to compare similar performance variants, then it should be mentioned that the 1.4 isn’t included for said reasons.

    from the above list, the entry level verna in both petrol and diesel variants conveniently seems to cost over a lakh more than it should be.


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