Skoda reveals dealership redesign plans, Indian showrooms get 2015 deadline

Posted on: Dec 10, 2013 - 11:28am IST

Skoda’s 5,300 dealerships across the globe are set to undergo a makeover, with the Czech manufacturer deciding to implement a new design language at the dealership level.

After giving its cars a new look two years ago, Skoda has announced via a press release that it will aim to make its dealerships across the world “Simply clever – clever engineering with a human touch.”

Skoda Showroom redesign - Exterior
5,300 Skoda dealerships across the world will take on a new design language. Expect your neighbourhood Skoda showroom to get the new look before 2015.

The architect was given a mandate to be minimalistic and you can expect your neighbourhood Škoda dealerships to have features like a communications wall next to the entrance to the dealership, logo wall with the new ŠKODA logo on the side of the building and a white frame running along the sides and top of the building façade, dark-grey cladding, new pylons (with brand logo and dealership name) and finally, flags.

Skoda Showroom redesign - Interior
Skoda’s mandate to its architect was to keep the entire design minimalistic.

“Customers should be able to identify the Škoda partner as such at first glance,” explains Škoda board member for sales & marketing, Werner Eichhorn. The move from the old style of dealerships to the new ones is expected to be done by 2015.

As part of its growth plan for 2018, the company in 2011 refreshed almost all of its models. 2013 saw 8 new or completely redesigned models following its new design language. Škoda aims to sell at least 1.5 million cars per year by 2018.

More details on the redesign provided in the press release below.

The new face of Skoda Dealer Network – Press Release

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6 thoughts on “Skoda reveals dealership redesign plans, Indian showrooms get 2015 deadline

  1. Prasanna says:

    Loved the new octavia.
    Great design.
    booked VW Jetta just bcoz of SCARY AFTER SALES SERVICE Reputation.Skoda needs to improve theirs badly. not even a single customer gives positive feedback

  2. vivek says:

    In addition to the points mentioned above, Skoda and other brands of this group need to ensure that their dealers don’t cheat their customers and be transparent otherwise in spite of great product lines, they will fail in the long run.

    Hyundai too should take note and not be too complacent as if we can vote out our governments , we can also boycott these companies…

  3. BG Raja says:

    I say – Please fix you A$$ (After sales service) first and then go for the rest.

  4. Sivakumar mj says:

    No use in Redesigning of showrooms.

    Only improvement to be done by Skoda is After Sales Improvement and Cost of the Spares to be less.

  5. Sundeep says:

    Work on your After sales service first Skoda.

  6. Tijo says:

    Whats the Use? Even if ur dealership is modified the people sitting there are the same, Especially in the Service department. They behave like the govt officials, lazy & stupid. Fix that first then showroom


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