Report – Mahindra two-wheelers developing 110 cc scooter for Auto Expo debut

Posted on: Dec 16, 2013 - 6:10pm IST

Autocar Professional reveals that Mahindra two-wheelers is on the verge of launching a 110 cc scooter. The report states that a 2014 Auto Expo debut for the scooter is planned.

Mahindra’s presence in the two-wheeler business has been steadily growing with the Centuro commuter bike and the Rodeo and Duro range of scooters. Both the Rodeo and the Duro are in the 125 cc segment where competition isn’t as much as it is in the 110 cc segment. The Honda Activa, TVS Wego, Yamaha Ray/Ray-Z and the TVS Jupiter are a team of heavyweight scooters the Mahindra has to compete against.

Mahindra Rodeo Rz
Mahindra two-wheelers’ new 110 cc will be the company’s first sub-125 cc offering. The updated Rodeo Rz (pictured) was launched early this year.

The company source has said, according to the report, that the 110 cc scooter is the company’s “Utmost priority” after which the 300 cc Mojo would be looked at. The same source has also suggested that the company wants to develop at least two products, one of which will get its entirely own engine.

Even though the 125 cc Centuro bike has been keeping the account books busy, the current growing scooter market has eluded Mahindra Two Wheelers. With the industry clocking a regular 18 to 19 percent growth in the scooter segment, Mahindra has sold just 36,763 units from April-November 2013, against the 79,909 scooters the company had managed to sell in the same period last year.

[Source – Autocar Professional]

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One thought on “Report – Mahindra two-wheelers developing 110 cc scooter for Auto Expo debut

  1. Akhil says:

    Am not sure about the longevity of these scooters, especially having owned one. Infact there are issues besides quality. I face an unusual problem with this scooter today. The accelerator cable snapped (at 6000 Km mileage ?????). My Kinetic Honda didnt do that for the 15 yrs I had it. The worrying part wasnt the cable snapping, the scooter goes to full throttle once the cable snaps….thats out right dangerous and needs a design change Mr Mahindra. NOT GOOD at all. The funny part the dealer couldnt get me a cable to replace in HYDERABAD, am not sure how long will this wait be in a tier 2 /3 city. Amazing logistics support by the dealer, who promised a recovery within an hour from the roadside…..DID’NT HAPPEN. The dwindling sales of these scooters is pretty evident of the support the company is providing + ofcourse it does appear to be an inferior product.


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