Report – Hyundai considers Equus, Veloster and Genesis for India

Posted on: Dec 26, 2013 - 5:24pm IST

Hyundai, the country’s second largest car manufacturer, is considering an entry into the growing luxury car market, according to a Financial Express report.

2014 Hyundai Equus front quarter left
The Equus is marketed under a different brand name in USA, South Korea, West Asia and China to give it a more upscale image.

The report quotes an insider saying that the company is considering the Equus and Genesis models, along with the Veloster. It could also set up a separate sales network for the luxury range, the report adds.

Hyundai’s efforts to slowly wade into higher segments has been obvious, with models like the new Elantra and Sonata being launched recently and the revamped Santa Fe up for launch early next year. However competing with the Germans who dominate the Indian luxury car market is a different ballgame.

2014 Hyundai Genesis launched front quarter
Hyundai could jump ahead of Toyota, Honda and Nissan and launch its luxury range in India soon.

The Equus is the Korean makers’ most luxurious model and it doesn’t use Hyundai’s name in certain markets, in order to give it a more upscale image. It is only sold in certain markets like South Korea, USA, West Asia and China.

2014 Hyundai Veloster rear
The Veloster is also being considered for India, according to the report.

India’s luxury car market is likely to grow at 20 percent this fiscal, with the segment growing from the existing 29,000 units to 35,000 units. Audi is set to become the first company to record sales of over 10,000 units in a single year.

The total passenger car market sits at around 16.4 lakh units after a contraction of 5 percent from April-November this year.

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4 thoughts on “Report – Hyundai considers Equus, Veloster and Genesis for India

  1. Jishnu S V says:

    Hyundai needs to strategically plan their entry. Its a different ballgame in luxury segment. Brands like Lexus, Infinity, etc already are well known in India but still Toyota and Nissan are hesitant to start operating. The Germans are head and toes ahead of all. The only company that is putting up a fight is Jaguar Land Rover. Volvo has been present for many years now but not a strong player yet.

  2. Shrinidhi Hande says:

    They should also consider H1…

    Btb field to enter website while writing comment is removed?

  3. Swapnil R says:

    Don’t know the exact segments in which each of these 3 would be sitting – but this at a time when Honda and VW have dropped Accord and Passat respectively comes as a surprise!

    Still I don’t think these would bomb as bad as the Kizashi did in our market! My line of thought being – Maruti had nothing to offer beyond SX4 (not counting Grand Vitara here), whereas Elantra n Sonata haven’t fared that badly recently! Only time will tell!

  4. sandeep says:

    Hyundai Veloster is already on sale in Nepal, so i hope its gonne be launched soon


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