Report – Fiat India to launch crossover, Jeep brand in 2014

Posted on: Dec 2, 2013 - 11:38am IST

Fiat India will launch a crossover next year, according to a company source who spoke to Business Standard. This crossover will be positioned in the B-segment, and should be a competitor to the VW CrossPolo.

Fiat India’s crossover is a Punto with a higher ground clearance and a body kit.

Back in February this year, when we spoke to Mr. Enrico Atanasio, former Managing Director of Fiat India, we were told that the crossover would have a “soft SUV type look”. Mr. Atanasio said that the customer is appreciating this sort of a car, and that there is a market for it, as well as a full-fledged crossover.

Therefore (and with hints from sources), we concluded that Fiat would use the Punto, increase its ground clearance by a few mm, add a few styling details such as roof rails and plastic lower body inserts, while increasing its price in the process. Our render artist, Shoeb, envisions what a Cross Punto may look like in the image that you see here.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee from NAIAS 2013 (9)
Jeep has announced a year-end launch in India.

The company source who spoke to the newspaper said that the crossover would be a mix of a hatchback and an SUV, and would be powered by the Punto’s 1.3-liter diesel engine.

On the sidelines, Fiat will launch the Jeep brand in India only next year. The report claims that rupee depreciation and “adverse market conditions” postponed the launch which was to happen at the end of this year. Fiat will initially launch the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Jeep Wrangler in India.

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7 thoughts on “Report – Fiat India to launch crossover, Jeep brand in 2014

  1. $@! says:

    Punto Crossover will be a failure. PERIOD.

  2. Jonejar says:

    Fiat needs to get aggressive by bringing their latest models to India . Fiat need to lauch the Uno 2014, Palio 2014,Panda 2014, Punto 2014, Linea 2014 and Idea 2014 . All the new models have the capability to bring fortune to Fiats lagging sales.

  3. Abhijeet says:

    Instead Fiat should concentrate to launch cars like PANDA which will help them do good numbers in B segment.

  4. BG Raja says:

    Fiat : Why would you want to compete with VW cross Polo ? How many Cross Polos are there on road to compete with in the first place. IMHO – You have to concentrate on other things to stay alive in the highly competitive Indian car market. Spend the money wisely.

    1. Ayyappan says:

      Can’t agree more ….Fiat is the same old self…confused as ever in India …despite making some of the best cars in the world..

  5. Aravind says:

    Such half-hearted approach will not work out. Just increasing few mm will not provide an crossover look. Ecosport is a huge success because its developed as a small crossover, not created from a hatch.

    What Fiat should do is, use Punto platform and do what Renault did to Duster. They can also try adding small boot to Punto and pitch it as a notchback like Dzire.

    1. Rohit Chauhan says:

      The Linea is to Punto, what Dzire is to Swift. Linea is based on the Punto platform, just the faces are a bit different which is a great thing. Remember, Fiat was the one who started the concept of Sedans based on successful Hatchbacks with Palio & Sienna and later Palio & Petra.
      Besides, the Punto Cross will be positioned more against Ford Ecosport than the Polo Cross as it will have higher ground clearance and beefier looks & more. Polo Cross is just cosmetic with not much being towards a mini SUV except the engine power, whereas Punto Cross will be more like a mini SUV in both looks and performance.


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