Report – Mazda CX-3 (EcoSport rival) to launch within 2 years

Posted on: Nov 27, 2013 - 8:45pm IST has learned that Mazda will launch the CX-3 baby SUV within the next two years. Without revealing names, Mazda has announced five models by March 2016, of which the next gen Mazda2, CX-9 and MX-5 are reportedly part of. The CX-3 is the fourth launch in the line.

Mazda Axela taillight and bootlid
The CX-3 is the fourth in the six launches Mazda has earmarked for its mid-term business plan.

Mazda bosses are not forthcoming about the model yet, and stated at the Tokyo Motor Show last week that a decision to launch a crossover below the CX-5 has not been made or cannot be announced.

At the Mazda stall at the Tokyo Motor Show, we asked some of the Japanese officials who were assembled about their next crossover. One official said the CX-3 “is the big secret” after observing an elongated pause when we popped the question.

Ford EcoSport front view at 2013 Auto Shanghai
If Ford and Mazda had continued sharing platforms and engines, the CX-3 could have been a rebodied Ford EcoSport.

The CX-3 is part of Mazda’s mid-term business plan that is dubbed ‘Structural Reform Plan’ covering the fiscal years of 2015 and 2016. The mini SUV will share its platform with the bigger CX-5 and would measure around 4m in length.

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One thought on “Report – Mazda CX-3 (EcoSport rival) to launch within 2 years

  1. k s pradeep says:

    its heartening to hear this news dear sir. all the best .like you me too being a auto buff your web site’s ardent reader and it has stopped me purchasing the auto mags long back.your coverage are damn good like wise on yr counterpart and other stuff.please include some vivid articles about the past vehicles of our country like rover montego,d1,nomenclature of the sipani.
    regarding the mazda’s entry indeed its too late for the japan’s co neither the brand awareness nor the buildup will do the trick erstwhile it should bank on launching the miata along with the r-8
    which will indeed create a new segment which still vacant in the indian sub-text.
    i think the days are not far away for the enthusiasts to hear the news of the entry of the remaining two. subaru and diahatsu.


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