Report – Mahindra Quanto 5-seater in the making

Posted on: Nov 19, 2013 - 1:51pm IST

Some of Mahindra’s products do extremely well, while some do not. The Bolero for example, sees strong sales in spite of being in its 13th year! When it comes to the Scorpio, sales of the SUV have increased with its age. Then there are products such as the Quanto, which are not performing close to the expectations set by the company.

Mahindra Quanto side view
The Mahindra Quanto is not bringing the sales volumes expected by the company.

Acknowledging this, Dr Pawan Goenka, president, automotive and farm equipment sectors, M&M, says that within the company, there’s no “unanimous view on why it is not working”. According to Dr. Goenka’s statement, the marketing team, product team and manufacturing team have their own individual view.

So what are the company’s plans for the sub-4m vehicle which tries to squeeze seven occupants? Dr. Goenka says that Mahindra will not discontinue the Quanto, because of the “high investments” made in the project. As a result, the company could roll out updates and try to address customer complaints. One such update would be to remove the two jump seats, and instead better the boot space or second-row legroom.

Mahindra Quanto third row
Mahindra could remove these jump seats and better the second-row legroom or boot space.

According to Autocar India, Mahindra has figured out the measures that need to be taken in the Quanto, but the company is unable to ascertain the reason for the poor sales performance.

What sort of updates would you like to see on the Quanto?

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18 thoughts on “Report – Mahindra Quanto 5-seater in the making

  1. sandy says:

    Instead of removing the jumper seats completely, M&M could do two things: make a provision for the middle row seat to slide forward n backward and provide the jumper seats as after sales accessory with provision in the vehicle to fit them.
    But, it would be appreciable if they replace this Xylo derived body style with Scorpio derived body style with decreased height and width.

  2. David says:

    Restyle front headlights.the current head lights are not looks good.reduce the car height a bit.5seat option good for quanto.

    1. Sivakumar says:

      1. Change the Front Face, 100% need modification similar to XUV500.

      2. Height reduction.

      3. Improve Ride Quality.

      4. Make it simple with 5 seater ( Jumper seats optional)

      5. Reduce the price.

      6. No more XYLO STYLE CARS please. Worst Design by M&M.

      7. If nothings works out, please discontinue both Xylo & Quanto

  3. Aravind says:

    1. Reduce height of the car, currently it looks like a big chopped off box from xylo
    2. Add more curves/design elements to currently boxy feeling vehicle
    3. Make interiors more of car like rather than utility like vehicle
    4. Better ride & handling

    At last, have you seen Ecosport? Try to benchmark this car with that.

    1. Anand says:

      I agree with these points Aravind …

  4. Ayyappan says:

    Well, the Quanto was the Xylo with the 3rd row taken off. Xylo wasn’t a good looker so the Quanto wasn’t to the taste of the public. Naturally it had a MPV stance while it was termed as a mini SUV…infact…it was called the Ostrich on wheels…not without a reason, isn’t ?

    Ride and handling, overall refinement and interiors, as typical of all Mahindra products remain a massive challenge. The 3 cylinder engine needs to be worked upon too.

    On a different note, I don’t think M&M has spent quite a lot on developing Quanto. The expense was well under 100 crores since it was a quick fix product till they launch their mini SUV to fight the Duster/ Terrano/ Ecosport trio.

    I don’t think the Quanto can succeed here…my suggestion would be to discontinue the product and focus on the upcoming mini SUV.

  5. Sudheer R P says:

    1. Look disproportionate – could consider reducing the height a bit.
    2. Interiors should be made to look similar to a car – and not a UV
    3. Increase space for 2nd row – and split option
    4. Improve ride quality – bumpy right now
    5. Steering feel is lacklusture – should be improved
    6. Dashboard – change from thexylo looking to a more car like one

    Add a bit of overall feel of quality considering that the target should be private buyers and not cab operators.

  6. muthuraja says:

    i think mahindra should improve the mileage , next the legroom ,and price should be little cheap may be 50 to 75 thousand

  7. Ganesh says:

    no thats like what TATAs were doing all these years. Make one ugly car and keep launching variants and diff models out and make the entire fleet look ugly!

  8. Rajesh says:

    1. A more pleasing dashboard, say on the likes of a premium hatch (swift, i10,i20…) and not influenced by Verito/Vibe.
    2. A lower chassis – easier ingress/egress.
    3. Good leg room for the rear passengers.
    4. Last row seats is a joke, so good that it is being taken away.
    5. Current looks (exterior) are acceptable. Anything better is always welcome.
    6. Pricing should remain the same with the changes included 😉
    7. Diesel AT (very ambitious) with a premium of 50-75K !!.
    8. Dont really need those voice commands, cruise etc.,


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