Rendering – 2015 Ford Edge production version

Posted on: Nov 27, 2013 - 3:35pm IST

Ford had unveiled the Edge Concept SUV at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show. The concept previews the next gen Edge’s design and the new technologies that would be offered.

2015 Ford Edge rendering

One of the most important features to be shown was the fully-assisted parking system which enables the driver to park the car with just a push of a button, and this feat can be performed even with a remote control.

The production version could be revealed sometime next year but we wouldn’t have to wait that long as X-Tomi Design have produced a rendering which showcases the production model. This rendering could be close to the model that hits the showroom as the concept’s exterior seemed almost production ready, save for the usual bits such as the headlights, mirrors, taillights and wheels.

Ford Edge Concept front quarter
Ford Edge Concept

The 2015 Ford Edge will be available by next year in United States, China, Europe and South America. When it goes on sale, it will feature many advanced technologies including the self-parking and obstacle avoiding system, adaptive cruise control, active park assist, a lane-keeping system, blind spot information, new EcoBoost engines and active grille shutters for better fuel efficiency.

[Source – X-Tomi Design]

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6 thoughts on “Rendering – 2015 Ford Edge production version

  1. sandeep says:

    its always India , even many poorer countries than India are getting better cars than us what a shame,

    1. Dmitry says:

      The point is not that India is a poor country. The main problem here is the mindset of the majority of Indian car buyers who think that paying for advanced technologies or safety features is a wastage of money. For them its better to by some sort of death box on wheels like alto 800 and be a proud car owners=)

      1. Manohar says:

        Don’t you think that, luxury cars(which are filled with safety features) market in India is as much as any of the good market in the world..?? Of course there are people who are negligent about safety features….possibly they are overconfident or first time buyers who are not aware of road realities. This happens only when you get advises from friends who are not owners of the car or mechanics who want it simple to repair. Anybody’s second or third car will be of safety priority, by this time they are experienced about road realities.

  2. Hitin suri says:

    Will it come to India ?

    1. Hi Hiten, this is unlikely to enter India. We will get the new Endeavour (hope you saw the Everest Concept) in the next couple of years.

      1. Manohar says:

        For sure we Indians get the Endeavour as it is built for RHD market including Australia. What I didn’t like about it is…it’s built on Truck platform, feels and drives like one. Ford could have been thought of developing an “Explorer” with RHD version and having option of diesel engine in the bay. (Fiat did with Freemout borrowing from Chrysler (Dodge Journey) (RHD for Australia)) Monocoque chassis makes difference in driving and behaviour of the vehicle, Indians could have been happy if something looks better and drives better than 2014 Endeavour.

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