Tata Magic Iris CNG variant to launch soon

Posted on: Oct 30, 2013 - 9:57am IST

Tata Motors’ answer to the auto rickshaw, the Tata Magic Iris, was unveiled at the 2010 Delhi Auto Expo. In the last three years, the vehicle’s availability has opened in most parts of the country in a phased manner.

It has been a tradition at Tata Motors (or for that matter, most auto companies) to follow up the launch of a product with alternate fuel options.

Tata Magic Iris CNG
The CNG variant of the Tata Magic Iris has been listed on Tata’s website, but sales are yet to commence.

And that’s applicable to this commercial vehicle. Tata Motors had showcased the CNG version of the Iris at the previous Auto Expo and is currently in the build-up stage to its launch. The official Tata Motors website claims that the vehicle (in BS4 spec) would launch soon in 3+Driver or 4+Driver seating options.

The vehicle’s 53-litre CNG tank will be positioned under the passenger seat and the space behind the passenger seat can accommodate small bags. A roof rack can be requested if the operator is carrying extra loads.

Tata Magic Iris CNG with four doors side profile
An IAB reader had caught the Iris CNG on test back in May last year. Some variants had proper windows and four doors.

The vehicle uses the same 611cc single cylinder engine that develops 13.2 bhp @ 3,000 rpm and 39 Nm @ 1600-1800 rpm (2.2 bhp and 8 Nm higher than the normal version). The transmission is a four-speed manual unit. According to the company, the vehicle can travel 53 km/kg, giving the Magic Iris a range of 220 km.

The Iris measures 2960 x 1512 x 1800 (LxWxH, in mm) and gets McPherson struts at the front and coil-springs with a semi-trailing arm at the rear.

Prices have not been announced, but expect it to be marginally more expensive than the regular model, which retails at 2.10 lakh rupees (ex-showroom, Delhi).

You can look at the brochure below for more details.

Tata Magic Iris CNG Brochure

[Can’t see the brochure here? Head to Scribd]

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6 thoughts on “Tata Magic Iris CNG variant to launch soon

  1. Ashutosh says:

    Any tentative idea, which month?

  2. Ganesh says:

    I hate tata for crowding the already busy indian road with these junk lcv’s!

    1. Dinesh Shekhar says:

      That is too much, Ganesh. It is a requirement of the increasingly large population of our country.The diesel power auto rikshaws of other companies are not an exception if you speak about the pollution levels, but it is Tata’s effort to bring more fuel efficient as well as environment friendly vehicles. If not TATA, some other companies will bring them for sure.

    2. Ayyappan says:

      Ganesh -Do you hate only Tata for producing LCV’s or do you hate all manufacturers who make LCV’s ? By the way, do you also hate those lorry / bus manufacturers too because they are too much of a menace ? How about those auto rickshaw makers…do you hate them too ? How about the car manufacturers which produces millions of cars and congest our roads and pollute our country…?

      Get real dude and don’t be blinded by imaginary hatred ! The LCV or the LCV based vehicles are borne out of a requirement in the market. The Tata Magic Iris is anyday a better, safer option when compared to 3 wheel open door auto. The CNG option helps the environment too.

    3. Prashant says:

      I think Ganesh, you do not know the situation in cities. All these rickshaw’s & three wheels which are
      1) polluting our cities like anything.. even looking at exhaust from them it seems that they will not comply BS I norms
      2) they are highly unsafe

      This is another effort of Tata to tap a new segment to give Indians a safe & not polluting transportation…

    4. potha botha says:

      Why dont you rename your name to tatahaterganesh I think you won’t needo post anything after that, 😉


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