IAB Report – M135i, 4 Series not on BMW India’s immediate agenda

Posted on: Sep 19, 2013 - 1:48pm IST

BMW India entered the entry-level luxury car segment with its 1 Series, which was launched on September 3rd. The BMW 1 Series was introduced with a single petrol and diesel engine option.

BMW M135i
BMW India has to price the M135i at a minimum of INR 50 lakhs it seems.

For the fans of the rear-wheel drive hatchback who are expecting BMW India to launch the go-faster M135i variant, this story has nothing but disappointment for you. Indian Autos Blog learns from a high-ranking official source, that the company is not considering the M variant, at least in the immediate future.

It seems that BMW’s early estimates target-priced the M135i at not less than INR 50 lakhs. At this price bracket, the company believes that there wouldn’t be many who opt for this variant.

BMW India sells the 3 Series convertible (330d convertible), which will soon be replaced globally by the 4 Series convertible. We understand that the chances of the 4 Series coupe and convertible being launched in India are also pretty slim.

BMW 330d convertible India front-end
Hardly a few dozen 330d convertibles were sold in India since it was shown in late 2011.

In an entire year, BMW India managed to sell not more than 60 units of the 3 Series convertible and this could be the major reason why the future 4 Series is not being considered seriously. Another reason that was brought to light was the Indian driving conditions which are not convertible-friendly for many reasons.

Instead of niche models, the company will bring the updated 5 Series, M5 and the all-new X5 next year to India.

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One thought on “IAB Report – M135i, 4 Series not on BMW India’s immediate agenda

  1. sandeep says:

    they serious has to launch much more M models, now they only sell M5 sedan. where is the M6 Coupe/cabriolet/Gran coupe/X6M? and about 4er coupe & cabriolet ofcourse they aren’t mean for volumes but that isn’t the reason to say we don’t bring it here as India is growing the numbers will also grow, may not now but it would be. And don’t blame the car for low sales but the government who is keeping 174% Import duty , otherwise they would sell much more. and M135I i don’t know if there is market but i’m sure there would be buyers may not much but there will be atleast few.


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