Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition launched at INR 10.86 lakhs

Posted on: Aug 23, 2013 - 3:21pm IST

Tata Motors has just launched the Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition. Regular readers may remember that Tata showed the Explorer edition at the Horizonext event held on June 19th.

Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition launched

The Explorer edition is basically the Safari with a few feature additions. There are no mechanical upgrades as such. You get an Explorer front nudge guard, Explorer body decals on the C-Pillar and the hood, a chrome garnish for the projector headlights and taillights, and Explorer branded door visors.

Inside, you get a 2-DIN touchscreen infotainment system which also doubles up as a screen for the reverse parking camera. A navigation device and art leather seat covers are the other interior feature additions.

Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition 2-DIN system
2-DIN system also doubles up as reverse parking camera.

Tata is also offering accessories such as a roof mounted canopy, a cargo basket and a cycle carrier, but these are optional extras.

Tata has priced the Safari Storme Explorer Edition from INR 10.86 lakhs onwards (ex-Showroom, New Delhi). It should be noted that Explorer kit can be had on any Safari Storme variant, be it the LX, VX or EX. As we reported earlier, Tata is charging an extra INR 57,000 for these features.

Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition Image Gallery

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12 thoughts on “Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition launched at INR 10.86 lakhs

  1. Deepak Chablani says:

    I disagree with Tata motors stance on not changing the design of Safari radically. I think the strategy was not unusual -not to deviate much from the original like the Swift facelift or any facelift of a successful car. It’s more of a design which grows on you over a period of time. They could have done up the interiors a lot better and made it feature rich from the very start.

    However, on a positive note, I’ve heard only good things from users so far, customers calling Storme a perfect niggle free SUV is quite an achievement for Tata’s. And yes, the mechanicals are robust, mostly borrowed from Aria. And its a proper ladder on frame, tough as nut true SUV which can take on most of the stuff.

  2. $@! says:

    BTW I can see that Anil Kapoor is posing with the STORME, isn’t he a Brand Ambassador for the RENAULT PULSE. So How come hez posing with this Beast.

    I can make out from the background that STORME is one of the sponsors for the TV Series 24.

    Is Anil Kapoor promoting both the Pulse & Storme??? Ahhhhh


    1. Neenad says:

      Yes, Tata Safari is the title sponsor for the new serial 24 which will be aired on color tv. Also Tata Motors has unveiled there new Safari Storme Explorer Edition which has a host of new accessories and features.

  3. Ganesh says:

    And those stickers, pathetic to say the least. Hope is is not part of standard equipment for this variant.

  4. Ganesh says:

    TATA Safari
    TATA Safari Strome
    TATA Safari Strome Explorer
    and then
    TATA Safari Strome Explorer XL
    TATA Safari Strome Explorer XL Grande

    When will these guys change and get a life. No wonder the market share of TATA goes down hill. Same lousy platform that is 20 years old. Pathetic naming conventions used, Taxi image, Mere facelifts in the name of ‘All New’. I wish they go further downhill!!!

    1. Gopi says:


    2. $@! says:

      The SAFARI gets the ARIA’s X2 platform (Which is a huge improvement over the previous gen Safari Dicor). Many things have improved in the SAFARI STORME.

      TATA is adopting the Land Rover & Range Rover design theme where the silhouette & the basic shape of the vehicle remains the same and the changes will be done to the drivetrain, interiors, engines etc.

      So this is actually a new vehicle although the design remains to be the old.


      1. ramana Ka Yau Siu says:

        Several generations of business acumen in the Tata family.
        They are making a better and better Safari. People are beginning
        to realize, this explorer is luxury value for money. I am getting one.

        Think of the purchase of Land Rover. More than taking
        over all rough terrain in the world, the projection
        of that adventure faring spirit is seizing the successful and less successful entrepreneurs of a big country like China. It is a winner for the family.

  5. Prashant says:

    The Real SUV..

  6. sashi says:

    If nissan can do a wonderful sheet metal job on Duster and launch it as Terrano in a short span of time , why TATA’s cant to something on Safari?

    1. Ganesh says:

      And TATA mastered that lousy art for 10+ years now!!!! Idiots.

    2. ramana Ka Yau Siu says:

      Old fashioned conservative Mercedes.
      Never a radical change of style.
      It used to be the prized brand for cars.
      Now in the hands of Chrysler, it has lost all magic
      when one does not know how a Mercedes should
      look anymore.


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