Fiat Linea facelift’s interior spied during local trials

Posted on: Aug 26, 2013 - 4:29pm IST have played out a new set of photographs revealing the interior of the Fiat Linea facelift that is now in its pre-launch testing phase. Production of the Linea facelift started in Europe in early 2012 and in a phased fashion, it appeared throughout Europe last year. Going by the spyshots that were taken in Pune, it seems as though the interior of the European and Indian Lineas are alike.

2014 Fiat Linea Dashboard

A few major changes are observed on the car’s cabin. The dashboard, with redesigned aircon vents and new readouts sports a refreshing light beige and black color combination. The center console is redesigned with a black applique surrounding the new audio system. The seats, headliner and door trim are retained, but the fabric and colors appear subtly different.

2014 Fiat Linea spied in Pune

Safety features on the updated Linea for Europe include six airbags, ESP, ABS and ASR. The Blue & Me infotainment system comes with an updated EcoDrive software which promotes eco-friendly driving. It remains to be seen what the India-spec Linea facelift offers in terms of feature content.

The Linea facelift is powered by the same three engine options in Europe –

  • 1.4L petrol with 78 hp
  • 1.3L diesel with 96 hp
  • 1.6L diesel with 107 hp

The first two options are listed in India (alongside the turbocharged 1.4L petrol), while the third option, according to a Fiat India presentation slide, is coming to our shores in the future.

Fiat India will not drop the current Linea when the cloth is pulled back on the facelift. Current variants will be down-positioned in the C-Lower segment, while the facelifted variants, with better looks and more features, would occupy the higher rung of the C Segment.

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2 thoughts on “Fiat Linea facelift’s interior spied during local trials

  1. DRG says:

    Fiat should customise their interiors for India like
    1. Bottle holders instead of cup holders,
    It is pain to travel long distance in such cars. Any where in the world, I would prefer water instead of sodas.

    2. Having the locks on the door (really locking) unlike european / US spec). In india it is more dangerous to to implement such a open free from inside klind of locks.
    Unline the travel in other countries, we prefer to travel in groups with kids in front seats.. ( With no offence: We do not have the sens of safety). So instead of enforcing the law or give a big lecture about them, it is more practical and safe to customise them to suite our environment.

  2. KD says:

    Is 1.6 ltr MJD a FGT? why a VGT is not introuced for I.6 ltr MJD? Not even sure if it will be lauched with 1.6 Ltr MJD Powermill? or will it reduce it to 1.5 ltr. Also noticed the pictures shown are LHD? Will interior surely remain as its EU sisters?


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