Tiltable single seater Tata Nano comes from an engineering college workshop

Posted on: Jul 3, 2013 - 3:12pm IST

Sanu Rahman, 24, Syed Zeeshan K, 22, and Syed Arif Ullah, 23, final-year mechanical engineering students studying in HKBK College of Engineering in Hebbal have fabricated a single seater Tata Nano that could be the perfect all-weather form of transportation for rush hour traffic.

Single seater Tata Nano rear

The college students built the prototype you see here with scrap yard parts. A damaged Tata Nano was used as a donor car for the project with the front seats coming of a Daewoo Matiz. The parts could have been damaged or scraped, but the idea is brilliant.

The innovation isn’t in the car’s looks or compactness. Neither is it in the powertrain which is a bi-fuel, firing gas or petrol. The tilting rear suspension that lets the driver operate it like a motorcycle is its party piece. Think of it as a low-cost Carver that uses automatic tilting technology to keep the cabin balanced under all conditions.

Single seater Tata Nano

The vehicle may not win any beauty contests or attract companies to bid for the prototype, but these students have presented a very loose idea of a perfect convergence between a motorcycle and a passenger car.

[You can read and see more on this car at Team-BHP.com and Explocity.com]

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8 thoughts on “Tiltable single seater Tata Nano comes from an engineering college workshop

  1. Girish says:

    “The back seat is designed and stitched by us,” said Sanu.

    I don’t understand how the car became ‘single’ seater from 2 seater while copied from the source.. [http://bangalore.explocity.com/articledetail/The-City/150cc-Car-Created-by-Engg-Students/54226/119309]

    It is not just copy and paste.. it is copy remove a seat and paste..!!!

  2. Duston says:

    I’m scared if Bajaj see this post !

    They may use this technology for their RE Auto’s, these auto drivers already chase like a Ferrari in traffic, don’t what will happen if they use this technology in it :0

  3. Anand says:

    Nice idea .. well done kids !!

  4. madhav says:

    creative effort.. ..

  5. Dr. Nayak says:

    Sad part is that, instead of working on new technologies in fuel consumption, safety, and various auto electronics these students are wasting their efforts in mundane 1950 ideas. I don’t understand how this is even worth publishing!

  6. Soham Chowdhury says:

    The technology may be helpful in cornering at high speeds but may be during traffic, the tiltable suspension may not be effective but still I am very happy that a bunch of Indians have come with this great JUGAADU idea.

  7. Siddharth says:

    This sounds similar to the Toyota i-Road concept shown at the Geneva Motor Show this year. Nonetheless, a valiant effort by these students!

  8. Sidd says:

    Brilliant idea


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