What could be hiding behind the smile of this Nano? [Spyshot]

Posted on: Jul 23, 2013 - 6:57pm IST

There is no denying that the Tata Nano you see in this spyshot appears to be smiling thanks to that front bumper with the larger air dam. It is in fact the same as the Nano spyshots we showed you earlier today.

No doubt that Tata is indeed working on something and it could very well be the diesel version of the Nano. Another interesting aspect is that there is zero camouflage on these prototypes which makes us think that whatever is coming up on the Nano, is coming soon.

Tata Nano diesel spied

If this is the Tata Nano diesel, then expect an 800cc engine with a power output of about 40bhp on offer. The turbocharger would be made by Garrett. The Nano diesel could very well be the most fuel economical car in the country when it is launched. Tata could choose the 2014 Auto Expo to launch, or announce the diesel powered Nano. The upcoming Auto Expo would also mark the 6th anniversary of the Nano.

If this is not the Nano diesel, then it could be a more powerful petrol powered Nano. Equipped with an 800cc engine (we love to see a turbo/super charged version!), this Nano would cater to the performance seeking small car buyer. The Alto K10 would be a potential rival then.

So what is this Tata Nano’s smile hiding??

[Image from Team BHP]

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10 thoughts on “What could be hiding behind the smile of this Nano? [Spyshot]

  1. Nihar says:

    Please wake up TATA! That’s an insanely horrible bumper design. Smiling grills worked 20 years ago.

    If you so badly want it, Nano already has a pretty smiling face..

    Grow up!

  2. JEY says:

    The bumper design looks like “THE SMILE OF A TOOTHLESS GRANDMOTHER”. Since it is a rear engined car, you may have more design freedom to design the FRONT BUMPER grill. Please TATA wake up. Please change the design of the bumper to a modern one to look more attractive. The real problem which affects the look of current NANO is the more plasticy look of the front bumper. Now, it is a good move to change the front bumper design but not like this one. Try something like hexagonal grill, like Honda ONE grill, rectangular grill etc… But not like this one… This looks more horrible than the current NANO.

  3. Dr. Nayak says:

    Good design, funky like the Smart! You need funky styling to sell low cost products. We are not talking about RR here! Good luck with the world’s first sub 1000cc turbo diesel something that we can be proud of. Remember this is the car that gave Indian frugal auto design worldwide attention.

  4. pranav says:

    this is worst bumpur i have ever seen before.
    wake up tata. see ford ecosport and learn from them.

  5. $@! says:

    Look Sweet!


  6. Ramish says:

    We now know where TATA motors is heading. Must be a hard work by TATA to design the worst looking bumper. By this smiley grill I remember a song “Tum Itna jo muskura rahe ho, kya gham hai jisko chupa rahe ho..”lol
    Jokes apart, TATA MUST WAKE UP. It should make efforts to push sales of Nano diesel (at very less profit). The aim should not be profit making but to create brand acceptance among the masses. If the masses accept Tata cars then profit could be made by other models.

  7. This is the car enough to provide you slipless night time and trouble!! Within 1 season my car (KA 01 MH 7774) had frequented the assistance place more than 5 times!! Sometimes, some infrequent disturbance, Motor malfunction, Beginning issue, cluch issue, so on and so forth.

  8. Saniel D almeida says:

    the quirky bumper doesnt gel with the outdated headlamps. why cant they borrow from nano europa concept?


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