Spied – Mahindra’s EcoSport challenger S101 tows a pickup truck; Front bumper and grill exposed

Posted on: Jul 10, 2013 - 9:12am IST

The Mahindra S101 has been caught testing again. These pictures were taken by Motor Vikatan reader B. Jayavel.

Mahindra S101 spied front three quarter

These set of spy shots reveal a few interesting details. Firstly, the Mahindra Genio that you see being towed by the S101 may not necessarily need the tow. Mahindra is probably conducting the towing test of the S101. It is common for manufacturers to test the maximum towing capacity of their vehicles.

Mahindra S101 spied side

So why are they tow testing a sub 4 meter compact crossover on Tamil Nadu’s highways? Mahindra has their own test track and if all they need to do is to find the maximum weight the S101 can pull, the test track will more than suffice. We think that Mahindra may be testing the maximum load the engine can pull. And that brings us to the next point. What is this S101 powered by?

Mahindra S101 spied rear three quarter

While Mahindra have their 1.5-liter 3 cylinder diesel engine (as seen on the Quanto), it is no secret that the company is working on their new range of small engines. Question is, is this S101 carrying Mahindra’s all new small petrol/diesel engine? We certainly think so.

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9 thoughts on “Spied – Mahindra’s EcoSport challenger S101 tows a pickup truck; Front bumper and grill exposed

  1. Parth Aggarwal says:

    Wheels are too small. Fits the profile of a small hatch but not so small. Ecosport with beat it hands down unless they spruce it up a bit with bigger wheels with off road tires and a higher ground clearance.

  2. rakesh says:

    compact suvs demand will increase drastically in coming years not only in india also in foreign market. these products are VFM & meddle class people can afford. India ia a fast growing country. people want good engineered family suvs with afforadable price. if FORD can do why M&M cn’t do.

    Mahindra should also soon launch mini rexton. it will be a good rival for Duster. XUV 5OO demand decreasing day by day not due to bad product but price category is high. few people can afford this. those people could afford they have already purchased. do not reduce the GD for xuv. 160-170mm GD is very less for a such type of big suv. launch low spec variant. it will make more sense & also come in price category of MUV.

    M&M also need to modernize xylo & make it a good looking MUV. focus more on compact suvs. Bolero sale may be goes down in coming years. its sale is high only in rural areas.

  3. rakesh says:

    lot of compact suvs are coming in the market. take advantage of local manufacturer. launch this model as soon as possible with affordable price (4.5lac for base petrol model). make it proper 5-6 seater suv. dn’t do overdo to make it 8 seater. I am sure if it priced correctly it will rock. In this price category it will eat the sale of mid level hatchbacks,entry level sedans, compact suvs as well as premium hatchbacks. with affordable price you can sell 10-15k unit per month. but make sure design should be sporty & modern looking. not like quanto.

    1. Ayyappan says:

      Yes, it should be priced around 4.5 lacs for the start variant and should be a proper 5 seater car with reasonable boot unlike the Ecosport. Pricing is critical and the way I see it looking at their recent launches like the Quanto, e2O, Vibe or even the XUV, if you look at it closely these are not priced aggressively as it was portrayed to be. Mahindra & Tata do not really have the low cost advantage anymore since it is a price war out there. Look at the Amaze and how aggressive Honda can get in India. Maruti, Hyundai and Honda would price their mini SUV’s very aggressively.

      Most importantly, M&M should release a well engineered vehicle. Customers do not have the time or patience to queue up at service stations every other day after spending lakhs of rupees on a commuter. This is precisely the frustration of XUV owners. They’ve to get it right the very first time and not after 2-4 years on the roads through trial and error. M&M should get their engineering upto global standards at the earliest. India wouldn’t be an easy market for anyone anymore, isn’t ?

  4. vijay says:

    by no way this seems a cut short xuv. It looks an entire new model. And will be vfm for sure. Eagerly waiting.

  5. SUVfan says:

    M&M is capable of doing this. (Cut short XUV500). They earlier created Quanto by cutting short Xylo. It will make good sense to cut short XUV500 and take excise benefit. It will create competition for ES but I doubt if M&M can have the reliability and finish of ES…

    1. GB says:

      Atleast u guys are living in an era where shells need to be cut short. Back in the 90s there was a tax sop on vehicles which could ferry 10 or more passengers. So M&M came up with a stretched version of the MM540 and called it the commander jeep. It featured a metal body and costed less than a soft top 540!!. That and additional seating capacity was a huge temptation. I must have been one of the 1st to buy one in my part of the country. During the 1st few weeks of ownership, I incidentally ducked to check the underpinning of the vehicle. I was devastated to find out that the old MM540 ladder frame was cut and stretched by using a simple plate and revit arrangement to make room for the additional wheelbase!! 😉

      Jokes apart, I saw my 1st Ecosport yesterday. It really is a very handsome vehicle, isn’t it? Unlike many sub 4M cars and SUVs in our country it did not look made for that purpose. M&M with its 3 pot turbo diesel mill might have a good engine to match such a silhoutte. It is however going to take a lot more to woo away Ecosport buyers.

  6. sandy says:

    Overall, it may look impressive. To me it looks the combination of i10 n ES considering the bumper and grill combo. Could cause serious threat to ES considering M&M’s competitive pricing culture. This recollects the query about what were they doing with Kia Picanto. We may get the answer after S101 gets unveiled.

  7. Adeel says:

    i think now mahindra is trying to cut short the XUV5OO


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