Ford EcoSport effect: Mahindra Quanto gets free offers worth Rs. 44,000

Posted on: Jul 22, 2013 - 6:43pm IST

The Mahindra Quanto might be the first mainstream contender in the sub-four metre SUV segment but it’s more of a makeshift arrangement until a proper compact SUV (like the S101) is ready.

Mahindra Quanto and Mahindra Verito offers
The Quanto and the Verito also now come with offers.

The instant SUV has been taken aback by the low pricing of the Ford EcoSport. In fact, its not only the Quanto but all premium hatchbacks and compact sedans are also facing the heat from Ford’s aggressively priced mini SUV. Mahindra dealers prepared special editions of the Quanto to keep it looking fresh on the showroom floors.

Mahindra Quanto offer

In an attempt to counteract the threat of 30,000 bookings, Mahindra is now offering discounts of up to Rs. 44,000 for the Quanto. It’s to be noted that the UV major had increased the price of its entire portfolio only recently.

The price slash doesn’t alter the ex-showroom price of the Quanto. The SUV is offered with free insurance which can get as high as Rs. 30,000 depending on the variant. Mahindra also offers an exchange bonus of Rs. 10,000 and a corporate/government discount of Rs. 6,000.

Mahindra Quanto rear three quarters
The Quanto is a minimized Xylo that meets regulations framed for small cars.

The Quanto is a shortened Xylo which is powered by a 1.5 litre three cylinder mCR100 engine. The engine which is essentially a chopped version of the 2.2-litre mHawk motor produces 100PS. Despite being a sub-four metre vehicle, the Quanto can accommodate seven passengers, thanks to rear jump seats.

The price range of the Mahindra Quanto is Rs. 5.99 lakh to Rs. 7.83 lakh while the EcoSport is spread out from 5.59 lakh to 8.99 lakh (all the prices ex-showroom Delhi).

We can expect most other manufacturers to offer discounts and offers for products that overlap, in price, with the EcoSport.

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10 thoughts on “Ford EcoSport effect: Mahindra Quanto gets free offers worth Rs. 44,000

  1. MONTU GOGOI says:

    What offer will i get as a customer if i buy a Mahindra Quanto C6 in the months of January 2014 from guwahati delear.

  2. rsqnet says:

    basically it is overpriced… and it has few takers. One can buy a Xylo or Scorpio base version at the rprice this car is being sold.

    Maybe if the on road price is kept in 6 ~ 7 range they can sell some

  3. Manish says:

    I told you before, this was always going to happen. The intention behind any-work is very important. There are diff. intention of doing work,of which two most important are 1. Let me make fast money. n 2. Let me give the best. In both, money is always going to flow, but your core intention behind the work/launch will make u market leader or a follower, immaterial who launched the product first.

    For example, if the intention of Shrawan behind writing blog is money and fame, then after some time either he will be lost in the crowd or breathing for their blog’s survival.
    And if the intention of Shrawan is to give the best, then who ever comes and go, Shrawan n his blog will be always there, at the top. Now in both the ways money n fame flows, but results are very different. It is well said ” What you give is what you get back”

    I see Mahindra’s and every other chop-n-churn manufacturers, who just have their own interest in forfront, will suffer and will offer discounts and more discounts to keep that product moving.

    1. Not sure about the auto makers or the flowing money, but I know Shrawan is taking Route No.2!

  4. GB says:

    Could it be that the discounts is because of the new sump shield that reduces the ground clearance of the vehicle to 170 mm thus escaping from the 3% SUV super tax? They have done it to their XUV.
    Only Ecosport needs to do same to shave-off similar tax costs.

    1. Ayyappan says:

      True. Mahindra’s sales and marketing has always been shady, unfortunately. They added a stone guard and brought the ground clearance of XUV down to 160 mm making it a non SUV and reduced the prices thereafter. At 160mm the stone guard might be kiss prone to the humps and may not be rough road friendly for a crossover. May be M&M might have done something similar here and not making it public ?

      Either ways, M&M sales have gone down considerably off late, with the XUV, Quanto and Xylo consistently going down the drain. Quanto and Xylo had dealer level discounts of 40k and 100k respectively. So its no surprise that they’ve made it official now. However, I do not feel the sales of Quanto would go up post this.

      1. GB says:

        True Ayyappan, The Quanto’s sales fate might be sealed but M&Ms S101 with its 3 pot mill might reverse that co’s fortunes.

        Ecosport aspiring customers should however look for reduction of GC in that car. Ford I doubt will pass on the tax benefit to its customers at its current rate of success unless questioned.

  5. NJ says:

    Are you sure that it’s on Quanto? Cause the image says Xylo.

    1. Hello Naveen, offers are present on Xylo, Quanto and Verito.

      1. NJ says:

        Hello Shrawan. Thanks for the clarification. I can pass it on to my neighbours those who are interested.

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