Would you ask Fiat to bring the 500L Living to India to compete with the Ertiga? [Videos, Images]

Posted on: Jul 6, 2013 - 11:04pm IST

The Fiat 500L Living was officially announced last month. The 500L Living is the 7-seat MPV from the Italian manufacturer, which has been spied in Europe many a time.

Fiat 500L Living

At the time of the announcement though, Fiat had only released four images of the car. Now we have been sent additional images and many videos of the new Fiat and here they are!

The 500L Living measures a mere 4.35 meters in length and offers seating for 7 people in a 5+2 layout. While there is nothing special about this, it has to be mentioned that the 500L Living has a capacious 638 liters boot capacity.

Fiat 500L Living rear

Fiat describes the 500L Living as “Agile and compact as mid-size car, comfortable and capable as a station wagon and roomy and comfortable”. They even call it a MPW (Magic Purpose Wagon).

Fiat 500L Living boot space

The 500L Living gets options of 2 petrol and 2 diesel engines. The petrol options include a 1.4-liter 95bhp forming the base while the higher variant is the 0.9-liter Fiat TwinAir Turbo producing 105bhp.

The diesel range consists of the 1.6-liter Multijet II producing 105bhp or a 1.3-liter 85bhp Multijet II. The 1.3 diesel will also be available with an automatic transmission.

The 500L Living can be customized in typical Fiat style. There are 19 exterior color options, 6 interior trims and 15 wheel designs to choose from taking the overall permutation combination to 282!

Fiat 500L Living interiors

Currently, there are no plans to get the Fiat 500L Living in India. Sad, we know.

Page 2 contains the image gallery and videos.

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10 thoughts on “Would you ask Fiat to bring the 500L Living to India to compete with the Ertiga? [Videos, Images]

  1. Honey says:

    This Car (Fiat 500 L) will definitely rock. As no manufacturer is currently focusing on looks in indian market and we all know that Fiat diesel engines are best in there class. So this car will sure give a tough competition to all other cars if the PRICE will also be competitive.

  2. siva vikram says:

    fiat 500 l that will provide prospect a-class customer optional and fiat looking forward in india.

  3. john says:

    FIAT has presently lost customer confidence in India despite having beautiful looking cars with wrongly mapped and under powered engines. They have no models for India and they are too slow. FIAT , now should realise that customer tastes are definitely shifting to B segment SUVs when we look at the figures of the Duster and the bookings of Ford ecosport. FIAT cannot compete with Maruti, owing to various other reasons. FIAT needs to look for innovations to penetrate the market and do it at the earliest without wasting much time. And lastly quality of whatever they make for the market is of utmost important to the customer. Indians are not like Italians still perceive. !

  4. Pran says:

    Ertiga vs 500L = Apple vs Orange

  5. Veeru says:

    Fiat 500L, competing with Eriga? what nonsense, even in US, it’s only a shade cheaper than Mini. So, you know what it competes with.

    1. Deepak Chablani says:

      I agree…

  6. Arun K Pillai says:

    A great car that will provide prospective Ertiga customers with an option.
    I would however like to see a version with a rough road kit and All Wheel Drive.

  7. Vish says:

    By the look of 500L, it looks much upmarket and premium, so i doubt if Fiat can launch it in India and make it sit for a competition with ertiga???

    In a price sensitive market like India, it might be quite tough for Fiat to match, or even near ertiga’s price tag with this product.

    1. Veer says:

      500L is a retro look MPV which may not go well with Indian tastes who would like very much cars designed by German, British to some extent Japanese too. As mentioned it’s hard to compete against Ertiga’s price point. I would suggest, Fiat should concentrate on Selling Jeep products….More SUV’s with Jeep brand which will uplift Fiat brand image gradually…then they can offend the market with different products. I think the existing line of Fiat products are getting dated to create excitement as they here from too long. Instead they can get Viaggio with a 1.6 lt. diesel+1.4T-jet engine with DSG gearbox option..and Punto once the different shape comes into production.

  8. Fiat makes crazy cars , they should get the 500L only if they can price it aggresively in that segment or else they would be aiming at the Fortuner or Santa Fe with the features of an Ertiga


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