Datsun Go and Maruti Alto 800: The color is not the only similarity

Posted on: Jul 18, 2013 - 9:49am IST

The Datsun brand was officially re-launched on Monday, July 15. Along with the announcement of the brand came the announcement of their first car for the 21st century, the Datsun Go.

Datsun Go front fascia official image

No doubt, most of you would have seen Carlos Ghosn, CEO of the Renault Nissan Alliance, welcome a blue Datsun Go on stage. And most of you would have also seen the press images and the videos of a blue Datsun Go in various angles. And if you’re a hardcore follower of the Indian auto industry, you would have gone “Hey, where have I seen that blue color…I remember seeing it on another budget hatchback.”

If you haven’t checked out the Datsun Go, you can do so here

Last October, Maruti officials drove a ‘Frost Blue’ Alto 800 on stage and thus launched the car. The color extended to the communication video, TVC and press images. And if you notice the color shade, the Go very much resembles the 800’s Frost Blue.

Datsun Go Maruti Alto 800

No doubt that Datsun will be appealing to the emerging middle class buyer, sort of the same people who are in the lookout for budget cars such as the top-end Hyundai Eon, base variants of the i10 and so on. And no doubt that some potential Alto 800 buyers may end up up-sizing to the Go, provided the price tag is as aggressive as the company claims it would be.

Maruti Alto 800 launch

We think Datsun chose this particular color for a reason. Our guess is that they want you, the prospective buyer, to have a connection when you see it. Here is an example we worked out:

A: My neighbor just got an Alto 800 in a blue color.

B: That’s a nice color. Looks good even on that new car, Datsun Go they’re calling it.

Maruti Alto 800 Mumbai launch with Mr. Shinzo Nakanishi
Alto 800’s tagline reads ‘Let’s Go’!

The marketing will not extend only to the color. The promo video we saw for the Datsun brand had people only in the age group of 25-35, much like the Alto 800’s TVC. Datsun had also coined a catchy song with the word ‘Dat’ in it, much like the 800’s ‘Khisko’ or ‘Let’s Go’. Speaking of which, will Maruti change the ‘Let’s Go‘ tagline of the Alto?

From what we see, Datsun seems to have an aggressive marketing plan in place. It’s Game On!

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11 thoughts on “Datsun Go and Maruti Alto 800: The color is not the only similarity

  1. rohan ahir says:

    There r no comparison btwn alto n datsun Go. Dutsun is totally different from alto. its more spacious more futures and also no compre with engine capacity bcz dutsun has 1200cc engin and alto has only 800cc.

  2. Ayyappan says:

    The Datsun Go looks like the Micra reworked, which is actually a great thing to happen. Micra is one of the iconic Nissan products running for more 25 years globally.

    No comparison at all with the Alto, except for the color. The Datsun Go doesn’t look like a sub 3.5 lac car. It looks a lot more premium and classy. Its big, spacious with a proper boot and overall, mature hatchback with good build.

    Nissan, with the facelifted Micra, the Micra Active and the Datsun Go is definitely shocked lots of pundits in the country.

  3. Chip Planter says:

    It is the same car and re-badge, wont be surprised if Suzuki starts manufacturing these for Nissan, the front grill design is swapped top to bottom in these two models, minor nips and tucks on the sheet metal that is all the difference.

  4. raj says:

    Looking at the side by side comparison, you can easily make out that the Datsun looks more mature, more clean and confident. While the Alto800 suddenly looks like malnourished and reeks of low cost cheapness. Suddenly the alto800 details like the headlamps, grille or even the side window shapes look like bits and pieces pasted here and there.

  5. Sushrut says:

    Oh please don’t tarnish the image of Datsun Go! It is after-all a far more superior product than Alto800 and only thing that would match would be the price tag.

  6. Sachin says:

    Thats absolutely correct!! Alto K10 & is the prime target….and datsun Go has better space,design,and most likely will have same price as Alto K10.

  7. Atul says:

    Still it’ll be a tough task for Datsun, “India me naam bikta hai”

    When Tata, Hyundai are strugling then Datsun i didn’t think most of the people have ever heard of it.

    1. vishal says:

      Woh naam banane ke liye Maruti had to establish the largest dealership and service network ever. First time car buyers would like to make safe choices. Datsun GO looks much better than the Alto 800 but what about service? And in any case it couldn’t have been a tough task to beat the Alto 800 in the looks department. The only thing in the market that looks worse is the Bajaj quadricycle.

      1. Sushrut says:

        No offence but Maruti service stations are sometimes no more than having a Maruti Authorized Service Station board. Otherwise they are our friendly neighborhood mechanics. And apart from regular servicing how many times do you need to visit the service station? none i guess. How many times do you travel to cities which are remote and your car fails? None again. For me at least the number of service stations don’t matter as far as important cities are covered. For me what matter is cost of servicing which Datsun say will be affordable. How much does servicing a swift cost? is it really cheap as image of Maruti is? I guess not

  8. Anand says:

    Thanks for the comparison picture … When I saw ‘Go’ first time, I couldn’t remove ‘Alto’s dynamics from my mind …. I visualized only front grill, head lights and rear lights might be different …


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