Official images – Datsun Go gets dashboard mounted gear lever and adjoined front seats

Posted on: Jul 15, 2013 - 3:50pm IST

The Datsun Go which made its global premiere in India earlier today will spearhead the resurrected auto marque’s campaign in emerging markets India, Indonesia and South Africa.

Datsun Go front three quarters official image

Here is a collection of official images of the small car packed into a CD ROM. The Datsun Go has no drama in its design but the conservative appearance is easy on the eye and the target audience won’t be disappointed. Speaking of the target audience, the Go aims to fit the budget of the middle class customers most of whom are first time car buyers.

Datsun Go cabin front official image

The Go has well-aligned creases and character lines on the side, hatch door and on the bonnet. It has to be said that Datsun has done a pretty decent job with the exterior styling.

Datsun Go rear three quarters official image

Step inside and you will get the feeling that this car is built to a cost. It doesn’t get a glovebox and instead an open storage compartment is provided! The design and layout is simple and the dashboard sports a dual tone finish.

Datsun Go dashboard official image

The black centre console hosts circular aircon vents picked from the Micra parts bin, an ordinary looking audio system and contrasting silver AC controls. The gear lever is mounted on the dashboard to make way for the bench seat which improves the lateral room for both the passenger and driver.

The Go gets a three spoke steering wheel and the instrument cluster is a simple, low cost unit. Front seats have integrated head restraints, again a cost effective solution.

Datsun Go cockpit official image

Datsun has taken some aggressive cost cutting measures to get the pricing of the car under Rs. 4 lakh in India and these measures, perhaps not visible on the exterior, can be observed in the car’s cabin.

Datsun Go official Image Gallery

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11 thoughts on “Official images – Datsun Go gets dashboard mounted gear lever and adjoined front seats

  1. Ayyappan says:

    Looks very good for me. As big as the Micra, spacious cabins and overall doesn’t look cheap inside out like the Alto, Eon and others. The dash mounted gear position is fine, its normally a very agronomical position. The stereo needs a replacement. And the jointed front seats can be done away with.

  2. Jishnu S V says:

    Looks like another glove box without lid mistake by Nissan, first one was Evalia. Didn’t understand why they bridged the two front seats, since there is many negatives to that and couldn’t makeout any positives. Nissan/Datsun should have taken a closer look at Eon before designing.

  3. Nikhil says:

    So there is no display for the stereo? Are we supposed to guess which song is being played like in the Ipod shuffle of 1st generation? 😀

  4. VK says:

    Now I understand why Datsun brand was closed 3 decades ago….looks like will be closed again soon.

  5. Tej Berwal says:

    Its nothing new but Nissan Micra Active with new interior and exterior changes!!!

  6. sagar says:

    also the joint front seats are dangerous if some kid sits there as there is no seat belt that covers it …

    how did ARAI allow this?

  7. sagar says:

    i think they have used the toyota Liva platform in an undisclosed deal …

  8. Anand says:

    More resembles like Alto (mix old & new)…Whichever side you look, it somehow make me to feel like Alto except front Grill and lights, that are different and on paper it looks bit lengthier than Alto ..
    Is that a strategy Suzuki will manufacture this car and deliver to Nissan …:)

    1. abuna ventana says:

      to me too.. but thats primarily due to the similar car colour and wheels caps. Look closely and this is a much better car, inside out.

    2. Manoj says:

      Coincidentally Alto’s tagline is “Let’s GO”


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