New Nissan Micra Bolero Edition launched in Japan

Posted on: Jun 29, 2013 - 2:04pm IST

The Nissan Micra Bolero edition is spawned each time the Micra makes a shift. Be it a facelift or a complete revision, the Bolero edition, which adds a Bentley-esque grille and bumper to the cuddly city runabout, is launched as one of the variants with a rich paint work and upmarket wheels.

Nissan Micra Bolero Edition

However you don’t get to tame a W12 like you would on a Mulsanne. Its compact three-cylinder petrol engine with decent low-end grunt stays on, making you a house fly through peak hour Tokyo traffic!

Would you like Nissan to sell you the Micra Bolero Edition in India?

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3 thoughts on “New Nissan Micra Bolero Edition launched in Japan

  1. Ayyappan says:

    Not bad at all, welcome to India mate. The Bentley like grill makes the Micra a hot sporty hatch !

  2. Bivin says:

    dont mean to be a pedantic, but the Mulsanne gets a V8, not a W12.. :p Cheers

  3. sandy says:

    Well, I think so. Looks better then what we have seen so far.


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