Nissan to relaunch Evalia with Captain Seats, Sliding Rear Window by Diwali

Posted on: Jun 28, 2013 - 9:11am IST

When we met Mr. Takada, Head of Product Planning for Nissan India at the 2013 Nissan Micra drive event, we ensured that we spoke about the Nissan Evalia as well, which let’s face it, has not been doing all too well.

Nissan Evalia side profile
The Nissan Evalia’s middle window opens only an inch. Even sliding windows would help.

In fact, where Toyota sells an average of 5,670 units of the Innova every month, Nissan manages about 177 units only. Which is pretty sad when you factor in the price: The Innova costs INR 4 lakhs more than the Evalia (ex-Showroom, Delhi for the respective top-end variants). And it’s not like the Evalia cannot seat as many passengers as the Innova, both have the same capacity. The Evalia will even offer more kilometers to the liter of diesel thanks to it’s lighter kerb weight.

Nissan Evalia second row seats
Captains Seats at the rear would add to a more premium feel.

The Nissan then, loses out on some features and design requirements which we Indians are used to. The windows on the rear doors have a ‘butterfly’ opening, which is pretty much unacceptable considering that even the Toyota Qualis (a yesteryear vehicle) had sliding type windows (which were upgraded to conventional rolling down types with a facelift). We mentioned this to Mr. Takada who also acknowledged it. He said that the team were “discussing how to improve customer satisfaction” for the Evalia.

Autocar India reports that the Evalia would be ‘spruced up’ by Diwali addressing the middle row windows. Additionally, Nissan might also offer Captains Seats on the middle row on the higher end variants, with better cushioning and improved plastics. Nissan may also want to include a few exterior features such as a rear wash/wipe, at least on the higher-end variants.

[Source – Autocar India]

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6 thoughts on “Nissan to relaunch Evalia with Captain Seats, Sliding Rear Window by Diwali

  1. kumar says:

    I have driven this Vehicle for 5000 km mostly on ghat roads and i find the handling is much better than the rear wheel driven body heavy vehicles like innova and xylo as the center of gravity of Evalia is much lower than both of these.

  2. Vishweshwara Bhat says:

    I am a Sunny owner and wanted to shift to Evalia when it was launched. But was depressed by its extremely poor performance in the market.. Actually I heard it is one of the successful models for Nissan in Europe and USA

  3. sagar says:

    evalia base metal sheet is suspect … read about the failed crash test where the floor just gave away and tore like a piece of paper …

    dunno if there are side impact beams all along the sides of the car …

    1. kumar says:

      Mr Sagar
      Nissan Evalia in the only model currently on Indian roads to have got the 3 stars in the European automobile certification for Safety. None of the other Manufactures having presence in India dared to even participate in it.

  4. sagar says:

    first get the safety aspects right … evalia has failed safety tests in many countries …

  5. Soham Chowdhury says:

    This car is out of its league. Nissan waited too long to launch this car, no matter what upgradation they do to this car its not gonna sell unless they revamp the car completely including the exterior.


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