New Renault Twingo to be a 5-door car

Posted on: Jun 27, 2013 - 8:38pm IST

Renault has decided to launch its small and funky little car Twingo in five-door avatar instead of three in its next iteration. This, as Renault claims, will make the car more practical and hence more attractive for larger audience domain. The car is to be a RWD model with rear-mounted engine for more practicality.

Renault Twingo rendering

Twingo have always been an affordable and good-looking compact car that is perfect for short city commutes. The short dimensions and ease of maneuverability have made Twingo a successful urban car, especially for female drivers.

The car is likely to follow the same modernistic and anomalous design theme as the outgoing three-door model. Expect a styled-on-budget interiors with funky little touches to address the new model. Renault is also planning to offer extensive personalization options to further enhance the appeal of the car in ever so competitive market. Now, Renault will also have to concentrate on the male buyers, as the three-door option was the only bait earlier.

Twingo will be a cheap car to run with responsive and efficient engines. However, the car is suitable only for urban commutes and taking one on the highway is not the best of the things to do.

Therefore, for city dwellers, new practical approach and Renault’s clever fixed price servicing should make this new Twingo a car worth considering.


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8 thoughts on “New Renault Twingo to be a 5-door car

  1. Meera says:

    Why 2oooo late ??? The new generation need 4 a powerful fuel efficient car. Nano is only a base car. Renault please launch it. Waiting to buy.

  2. Annadurai says:

    I believe that Renault will seriously think about bringing to car to India bcoz one product is missing for them in the segment other than Pulse. Waiting for a product like this. Please send the latest updates.

  3. Sumisha says:

    Please update me. Interested to buy.

  4. Kalaranjini says:

    Bring Twingo 5 door to India. We are waiting for a strong opponent to Tata Nano. Even if it is priced around 3 to 4 lakh its managable bcoz its the brand quality we trust. Tata is nothing in front of Renault.

    1. Hello! The Twingo is an expensive hatchback and I doubt if it can be built in India for INR 3-4 lakh. Moreover the car itself is engineered for Europe where the requirements from a car of this size class is very different.

  5. sandy says:

    RWD, rear mounted engine just like Nano. Although I’m expecting Tata to do so in future for new cars based on Nano. Any words on expectation of this product from Renault or Nissan or Datsun for India?

  6. Ramish says:

    Renault bring Sandero (Stepway) to India, only that can compete with EcoSport now….


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