Schumacher’s Ferrari FXX, Enzo up for sale

Posted on: Jun 27, 2013 - 5:20pm IST

Time and again we get asked by many of you Indian Autos Blog readers – Where can I find a good second hand car? What car can I buy, that will be ‘easy to service’ with spare parts available for its life?

Today, we’ll answer those questions. Generally when you look for a used car, your priority is that the car’s first owner should have treated it properly. The initial owner should have spared no expense in getting the car serviced or fixed for any repairs. I’ve a friend who is very meticulous in all these things (I call him Schumi, it’s his nick).

Michael Schumacher Ferrari FXX Enzo for sale

The cars in question are a Ferrari FXX and a few Enzos. The FXX, interestingly, is the same car that lapped the TopGear circuit. Unfortunately, it’s lap time was never put up as it was on slick tires. The FXX can be considered as one of the great Ferraris, given the level of technology and expertise the Italian team spent on this car.

Schumi told us that he would do the deal for the FXX for INR 16 crores (2.03 million euros only), preferably non-negotiable and I don’t think he would fancy your Maruti in exchange (he rejected my SX4 so..). The FXX has done only 900km on the odo (showroom fresh with showroom smell some might say).

The Enzo on the other hand has done only 8,500km and has a very ‘reasonable’ asking price of only INR 8.8 crores (1.12 million euros only).

Reason for sale? He’s buying an EcoSport!

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3 thoughts on “Schumacher’s Ferrari FXX, Enzo up for sale

  1. flexy says:

    i thought the jokes were funny.

  2. Nikhil says:

    You guys are the PR agency for Ecosport?

    JK! 🙂

  3. Sidhant says:

    I request the author to spare some time reading his articles before publishing it.
    First,the “jokes” are not funny period Please spare us the horror
    Second,irrelevant facts,the FXX is not famous because it topped the TopGear leaderboard.It’s famous because it was a great car.

    P.S. Your introduction is idiotic too.


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