Karl Slym shortlists 8 Tweeple for further discussions on the ‘Next Tata Car’ project

Posted on: Jun 6, 2013 - 6:48pm IST

Mr. Karl Slym, an automotive industry veteran from GM, took up the responsibility of steering Tata Motors when the company was in all kinds of problems.

Karl Slym with the Tata Manza Club Class

The Brit has a daunting task of reviving the company from falling sales and idling manufacturing units. The only way he could manage to do that is by bringing a new product that is a game changer.

Mr. Slym recently ran a contest through his Twitter handle @KarlSylm, asking fellow users what they expect the ‘Next Tata Car’ to be. He promised to invite the people with top ideas for a discussion and today he has the shortlist!

The Managing Director of Tata Motors has identified 8 Twitter users as “top ideaters” who will be given an opportunity to put forth their ideas in front of the man himself. Sometimes, getting the inputs directly from the prospective customers and brand loyalists is way better than getting them from your dedicated team of market analysts.

Coming back to the situation at Tata Motors, the largest Indian automaker is suffering with a bunch of slow selling products. The short term strategy is to come up with product refreshes but it can only get the company so far. Tata Motors needs to take a rebirth and return with products that will get the ball rolling.

We sincerely hope that the “Next Tata Car” comes in as a transformational product. Good luck Karl!

[Source: Karl Sylm’s Twitter account]

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5 thoughts on “Karl Slym shortlists 8 Tweeple for further discussions on the ‘Next Tata Car’ project

  1. Rahul says:

    Nice move. I seriously believe that Karl is the person who could turn around the company. Good luck, Karl !

    Just for curiosity, why we have not heard anything from Mukund Rajan – Tata Brand Custodian.

  2. Veer says:

    It’s a positive sign from the company to customers. I just wanted to put some suggestions in this front.
    1. Tata has to come out of the concept of always putting more stuff for less money. Of course people would love it initially but the quality doesn’t stand up to segment, then there is meaning.
    2. They should come out of bloated looks of most models, bloated models can not give a sex appeal.
    3. Stop putting the same tail lights across various segments. Those vertical tail lamps are at least a decade old in design. People will not accept the similar tail lights on a Nano and a Aria.
    4. Change the models at frequent intervals….Indica refreshed after almost a decade….and Safari still the same old cage with new chassis…which is not visual at all.
    5. Don’t try to be too premium in a single step…like Aria…It has to be gradually upgraded and people has to recognise it by using the products. Hyundai did the same way to achieve a recognition of good producer over a period and continuous improvements at very frequent upgrades.
    6. Don’t shy to join hands. Great wall motors has got a lot of products which can go well in India with some modifications to the tastes of India. Tata can together develop products for both markets and also for Asian region.
    7. it’s time to get 2.0 litre MJD with paddle shifter…which has good drive ability and economy.
    8. Improve the feeling of plastics. It’s always and around the occupants and should feel comfortable with it.
    9. Tata has had a reputation, developed with Safari and Sierra that, they make good SUV’s. Now it’s almost eroding. Which possibility of reviving.
    10. Road side service. Tata has to arrange a facility of attending their products at a call to a single number nationwide from the nearest dealers. That should improve the faith in the product and service….in long run it results confidence in the product as well in the brand.

    1. Ayyappan says:

      Well said Veer.

      And for Tata’s, they’ve to move swiftly and be in tune with the times. If not, you would be a forgotten brand soon. It’s not just about making good new products, your marketing machinery should be completely rebuilt too.

  3. Ashutosh says:

    Would be great if you guys follow up this story, once the shortlisted people have met Slym.

  4. sandy says:

    Please followup this topic, as we would like to witness the further advances of Tata’s down to earth strategy. Thank you.


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