Ford EcoSport gains new features in Brazil

Posted on: Jun 14, 2013 - 1:01pm IST

The Titanium variant of the Ford EcoSport has gained intelligent key and keyless start features in Brazil. The new features, as they explain, allows the driver to open the door and start the engine without the use of a key.

Ford EcoSport keyless entry

The key also permits the trunk to open without unlocking the doors, while the windows can be wound up with the remote control. The power windows have anti-pinch.

With these feature inclusions, the Titanium variant of the Ford EcoSport retails at 76,540 Brazilian Reals (20.8 lakh rupees).

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3 thoughts on “Ford EcoSport gains new features in Brazil

  1. SUVfan says:

    I agree with you Hitin. I infact noticed another funny thing ES. They are not giving keyless entry in Titanium AT. This feature is available in Titanium MT. Insn’t it too funny?

  2. Hitin suri says:

    I request Ford India earlier too add best features to make it aspirational viechle and give features as optional & they have done it too . But they are again going to make big mistake with AT variant as they it is not going to be offered with optional package . I even want Ford to give cruise control & retractable mirrors ( as they are must for making parking easy ) too as on fiesta I don’t understand if customer is ready to pay than why companies are hesitant to offer feature rich model . Why they are depriveing Indians for luxury , offered to west . Is ford India listening ! I already posted this on ford site too . May Shrawan can draw there attention better .

    1. mm says:

      Safety features should be accorded more importance than small consolations like keyless entry. Cost-cutting at the expense of safety features is not good.
      Safety features like ESC, TCS, EBA etc. are available only in one out of the 10 variants when, these days, even Hatches have such safety features. A short & relatively high SUV like Ecosport can do with all the safety programmes possible for stability. Too many variants actually confuse potential buyers. Ideally, number of variants should be limited to 3 or 4, all fitted with ESC instead of merely the ABS.

      Whilst every car with ESC has ABS and Traction Control, those with ABS and Traction control do not necessarily have ESC. ABS and Traction Control only work i n the driving (longitudinal) direction. ESC can help drivers to cope with sideways (lateral) movements which create instability. Unlike ABS and Traction Control, ESC is a holistic system that can control a car’s entire movements.

      Ford india is already talking about face-lift for Ecosport even though the SUV is yet to be launched. Does it mean that there is room for improvement in its present form ? One immediate improvement can be the combination of Ecoboost engine, Ford’s dual clutch 6 or 8 speed automatic transmission & ESC- that would be irresistible.

      The delay in launching Ecosport may be because of following reasons:
      1. Investigation into the reported accident involving a test mule in Goa when the driver lost control & the vehicle toppled.
      2. Abatement of high Dollar-Rupee rates. Many imported components are required in Ecosport .
      3. Indigenisation plans.

      Delay in launch is not good for Ford as the present as well as impending competitions will eat into the market share of SUVs.

      Best of luck to Ford India.



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