Ford pins hopes on EcoSport, Kuga and Edge to deliver in a changing global SUV market

Posted on: Jun 3, 2013 - 6:00am IST

This has often been a topic for discussion to petrolheads – Why do people prefer small and medium sized SUVs (the size of the Ford EcoSport and the Ford Kuga, which is not considered for India right now) rather than their full bore siblings?

Many obvious reasons exist. We want a car with good fuel economy, easier maneuverability, a small footprint, inexpensive to buy and maintain, and so on. Basically we want the positives of an SUV such as the high seating position, rugged build, bigger tires, higher ground clearance and durability combined with the economics of a small car.

2013 Ford Expedition
Ford has seen sales of large SUVs such as the Expedition fall by 22% since 2005.

Ford believes this trend will continue in the future. Sales of the big, truck-like SUVs such as the Ford Expedition have fallen by 22% since 2005. Ford is quick to mention that it does not intend on pulling the plug on such cars. In the Middle Eastern markets, the demand for the large SUVs still exists. 41% of the Ford Expeditions made in 2012 were exported to the Middle East.

Ford isn’t experiencing this trend alone. 43.9% of the huge Toyota Sequoia made in 2012 were also exported to the Middle Eastern markets, while 37.8% of the large GMC Yukon were sold to buyers there.

Ford believes that the future belongs to small and medium sized SUVs such as the EcoSport and the Kuga. They attribute this change mainly to the rising fuel prices and the change in customer perception that large SUVs are thirsty when it comes to fuel economy and are cumbersome for day-to-day driving.

Ford EcoSport media drive Goa snapshot
Ford believes that small SUVs such as the EcoSport and medium SUVs such as the Kuga are exactly what the consumers need.

Demand for small Ford UV’s have jumped 154% since 2005 while medium sized SUVs have seen an increase of 56%. China and Southeast Asia are expected to lead this trend.

Ford global marketing chief Jim Farley –

There are big trends going on, and they are really accelerating. The death of utilities was premature. It’s just coming back in a different form. Our intention is to be a utility leader around the world.

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4 thoughts on “Ford pins hopes on EcoSport, Kuga and Edge to deliver in a changing global SUV market

  1. Ayyappan says:

    The future definitely doesn’t belong to small SUV’s ! Medium sized SUV’s…yes, may be a good bet, like the Duster because it has the space for 5 and loads of boot space for your weekend trips and is a good alternative to sedans. The Ecosport is a very small car and in reality, its nothing but a big hatchback with just enough cabin space for only 4 adults and no real boot space. Why would I pay the price of a sedan to get a cramped hatch, which is made to look like an SUV but not at all practical for my family.

    By the way, don’t you guys get tired of promoting Ecosport day in and day out in different ways, directly and indirectly ? Agreed that I started to follow IAB only because of your obsession with Ecosport and it worked well for me because I was looking at buying the car this year. It’s a different matter altogether that I decided against my dream car after seeing the car and have gone ahead and booked the Amaze.

    Off late, I’ve seen instances wherein my comments have been discarded and never put in the comments column. I’m forced to believe that you’d want people to comment only as per your whims and fancies. I wonder why would you start a blog if you want to dictate not just the content but the readers comments too. Good recipe for becoming colossal failure !

    Your personal fascination with certain manufacturers or cars, as easily evidenced through your posts will keep lots of potential readers away from your blog. And, this approach wouldn’t make you the No 1 Automotive website for sure. Infact, it might help you disappear from the scene faster than you’d anticipate.

    1. Dear Mr. Ayappan,

      We’re not sure about the discarding of your comments, if they appear on our moderation board, we publish it.

      We also see that some readers repeatedly post negative comments everytime we publish a story or an update on that product. We will not allow unreasonable brand bashing on any of our posts. The negative opinions of these readers are posted on every story we publish, sometime within hours which is unacceptable to us.

      At the end of the day the storyboard is decided on what the readers like to see here. When we post about the EcoSport, within a few hours 1,000’s of views are recorded. You can verify by seeing the view counter on the top left of every EcoSport story. This is a strong indication that our readers want to learn anything and everything about this product. We have meted out the same treatment to Verito Vibe, Duster, Ertiga, Amaze, 2014 i10 etc. We don’t post on a story without understanding the effect it has on the readership. We will continue to do this when the XA Alpha or the Hyundai SUV comes into focus.

      We don’t have anything for or against any manufacturer. We don’t have any associations with them beyond reviewing their products or honoring an invitation to their new product launch. We don’t run direct ads or have any affiliations of any other kind with them. If you like a certain car or brand, and you see us writing repeatedly about a competitor brand or car (only because our readership likes it), you may feel that we’re biased.

      We are a free news service working with limited experience and perhaps certain limitations as well. As much as we try to keep every reader’s interest in mind when publishing or choosing stories, we may fail to meet every expectation. We feel sorry about this, and we continue to search for answers on how to solve it.

      1. Ayyappan says:

        Hello Mr. Shrawan ~ I’d like to disagree with you here on most of the poiners whole heartedly.

        ” We will not allow unreasonable brand bashing on any of our posts. ” ~

        If you fear brand bashing through negative reader comments and hence do not allow any negative comments on your blog, then isn’t quite apparent that you’re trying to promote and safeguard certain brands and their products through your posts….? Self explanatory….I guess. On the other hand, as a blog owner, your job should be to just report and only report without worrying about how the reader comments would impact Brand A or B. The moderator needs to pitch in only if the reader comments are vulgar and offensive.

        I’ve learnt quite a lot from the reader comments on IAB and other blogs and we’ve even manufacturers going through the reader comments in many cases and utilizing the info for prod development and service improvement. The customer or the reader is always right in a sense and they keep your biz alive. To suppress the reader thoughts is suicidal.

        For all the justification provided Mr. Shrawan, I don’t see IAB treating manufacturers A & B the same way. And, that’s not because I like manufacturer A and you continuously talk about manufacturer B. I do not see it as an attempt to play to the gallery as well….All said, the differential treatment is way too evident even for an average mind. Hope common sense prevails at IAB.

      2. Thank you for the feedback Mr.Ayappan, we don’t have the right to suppress anyone’s thoughts, but repeated brand bashing coming from the same individual is not acceptable to us. We’re always learning something from our readers, we will ensure that we make improvements to your aforementioned points in the future. Have a nice day!

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