Spied – Welcome to India VW Cross Polo!

Posted on: May 9, 2013 - 4:23pm IST

When Volkswagen India invited Indian Autos Blog for the VW Polo GT TSI media drive in Goa last month, we had the chance to put forward some questions to Mr. Arvind Saxena, MD of VW India. Mr. Saxena told us that there were no all-new cars being launched this year and that VW would launch special editions and variant extensions of already existing models.

Volkswagen Cross Polo caught testing

Here is the first proof of that. What you see here is the VW Cross Polo that was caught testing by our friends at Indian Cars Bikes, at Chakan in Pune, home to VW India.

The VW Cross Polo is nothing but the Polo with a rough road package that includes plastic cladding all around, roof rails and some logos to differentiate it from the normal one. However, there are some details that are different.

Volkswagen CrossPolo
Note the larger wheels on the Cross Polo sold abroad.

VW Polo vs VW Cross Polo

The length of the Cross Polo is at 3,987mm against the normal Polo’s 3,970mm. The extra length is due to the thick front and rear bumpers with cladding and does not translate to a bigger cabin.

Same goes for the breadth of the car which is 1,698mm as against 1,682mm of the normal Polo. The ground clearance of the car would see an additional increase of up to 23mm as well.

While international variants have a larger diameter alloy wheel, the Cross Polo caught on test here seems to feature the same alloys as seen on the normal Highline variant.

VW Cross Polo interior
The interior, like the car’s exterior dimensions, is same as the regular Polo variants.

With the launch of the Ford EcoSport around the corner, VW may want to appeal to those buyers who seek a hatchback with SUV pretensions.

However, as sister company Skoda proved with the Fabia Scout, there aren’t any takers for a hatch with a SUV bodykit. The reason could be the steep price Skoda was asking for. Even so, VW would charge higher due to brand hierarchy and as the Cross Polo is likely to be the flagship variant.

[Source – IndianCarsBikes.in]

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9 thoughts on “Spied – Welcome to India VW Cross Polo!

  1. Sameer Bajrang says:

    Will this be a competitior to the Mahindra S101, which too seems like a mix breed of hatchback and (ahem) SUV?

    1. Anjan Ravi says:


      While the Mahindra S101 is still way off from its launch, the Cross Polo is not a competitor to it. The Cross Polo is merely VW’s attempt of offering something different with the Polo, they did it before with the Polo SR body kit. While there is some extra ground clearance to the Cross Polo, it will in no way make it a ‘mini SUV’.

      1. Mohammed says:

        Hey Anjan ! Can you elaborate on the below statements pls?
        ” While the Mahindra S101 is still way off from its launch, the Cross Polo is not a competitor to it. While there is some extra ground clearance to the Cross Polo, it will in no way make it a ‘mini SUV’ ”

        Also, if you could enlighten us about the requirements to be met by a manufacturer to slot a car into the mini SUV category ?

      2. I hope this answers your question –

        The Cross Polo is not an SUV, its a hatchback with plastic body fittings and larger wheels in international markets. The ground clearance has been improved by 23mm but it still holds on to the values of the Polo strongly. Its an adventurous take on the Polo, a variant extension if you may. It is a compact hatchback, with a little visual pop, for the premium B segment. Volkswagen does not market the Cross Polo as an SUV anywhere in the world.

        The shape or design of the Mahindra S101 appears to be more SUV-like than representing that of a hatchback’s, say like the Cross Polo. Additionally it may have larger wheels, a higher ground clearance and a higher seating position. These would be the key differences. I don’t think the S101 will offer any off-roading fun.

        Today SUV’s don’t have to cross rivers or climb steep mountains to be certified as one. SUV top hats on lightweight hatchback carriages are serving the needs of urban customers quite brilliantly as seen by the success of the EcoSport (700k units sold in Brazil) the Nissan Juke (300k units in Europe) and even the Qashqai (1.2 million units), placed in the B- and C-Segments. These are SUV’s by exterior design, but don’t have a low ratio gear box or a special differential to pull them out of sinking ground.

        I don’t know how the S101 would look like but there’s enough in the spyshots to suggest a more spacious cabin, and a stance of an SUV.

        The Cross Polo may compete with some variants of the S101 through overlap in pricing. That would also make the Hyundai Verna or the Tata Grande its competitor.

        There is no requirement for a manufacturer to call their product an SUV, no one’s going to jail if Fiat call a raised Punto with a rough road package as an SUV. If the marketing team can come up with some logic, the company suddenly has an SUV in the palm of their hands! An off-roading enthusiast can tell you that real SUV’s are vehicles like the Trax Gurkha, Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol, Mercedes G Class, 2014 Range Rover, etc (categorized in no particular order).

        For the urban dweller who doesn’t need an off-roading tool as that’d be worthless on the way to his cubicle every morning may consider options such as the Chevrolet Trax or the Toyota Rush, which are designed to look like real SUVs, and are dimensionally (small footprint and short overhangs to navigate through traffic) and technically (small, emission-conscious engines to avoid congestion charges, light weight and tuned for fuel efficiency and city traffic, and finally paired to an automatic transmission) designed to suit urban conditions and lifestyle.

  2. Chanakya says:

    What about ground clearance? What good the cladding and other cosmetic changes be without an increase in the clearance?

    1. Anjan Ravi says:


      The article mentions that there would be extra ground clearance to the extent of upto 23mm available.

  3. sandeep says:

    hope the rear wash wiper will also be standard on the Crosspolo otherwise it looks a bit weird to me

  4. Rahul says:

    Can you shade some light on the engine options ?

    1. Anjan Ravi says:

      It’ll be the same 1.2-liter petrol and diesel engines already doing duty on the Polo. We don’t think the 1.2 TSI DSG would find a place here as that would drive costs up.


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