Ford EcoSport technical specifications revealed for India

Posted on: May 7, 2013 - 9:37am IST

The Ford EcoSport media drive has kicked off in Goa and the first batch of journalists have passed on technical specifications of the product to social media channels. That said, let’s get right into the details.

Ford Ecosport front view

The 1.5L petrol engine makes 110bhp of power and 140Nm of torque. The 1.5 TDCi diesel, unquestionably the volumes variant of the lineup, produces 89bhp of power and 204 Nm of torque with a mileage of 22.7 kmpl.

The 1.5 litre petrol engine is mated to a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic gearbox. The manual variant’s mileage is rated at 15.8 kmpl while the automatic transmission delivers 15.6 kmpl.

The 1-liter turbocharged petrol (Ecoboost), available only on the Titanium and Titanium Optional variants and paired to a 5-speed manual transmission, delivers 122.5 bhp and 170 Nm. The mileage claimed for this engine is 18.9 kmpl.

Ford Ecosport dashboard

The EcoSport does not offer the option of a diesel automatic variant. The 1-liter turbo petrol doesn’t come in the automatic guise either.

In all, the EcoSport is presented in four trim levels and eight exterior color options. Bookings will start in June, but no doughnut for you today if you’re asking the launch date. Tentatively the EcoSport is expected to be on sale in mid-June for 7-9 lakh rupees.

You can catch info on variants, see video walkarounds, spyshots, and get up to speed on the product by visiting our Ford EcoSport archive page.

[Info on the EcoSport variants hijacked from SVP’s Twitter page]

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20 thoughts on “Ford EcoSport technical specifications revealed for India

  1. Rahul says:

    I am not sure if ford is really playing it smart when it comes to pricing. The 1.5 ltr petrol will not get excise benefit due to engine size so the price is going to be higher. The 1.5 Ltr diesel is the only one that gets excise benefit but then it’s a diesel engine so the price is definitely going to be higher. The 1.0 ltr eco boost will get the excise benefit but then it is available only in Titanium and Titanium (optional) trims, so the pricing again goes for a toss for this engine size.

    It would have been nice to launch the 1.0 ltr eco boost in lower trims as well to get the right pricing.

  2. Raj says:

    This is going to be another Ford Fiesta disaster. The vehicle being under 4 meter will always be compared with a hatchback. And when you price a hatchback like a sedan people are going to prefer a Sedan. I also do not understand why the 1.0 EcoBoost engine is on the top end variant. Well Ford has yet to learn a lot of things….

    1. Abhi says:

      Apparently you haven’t seen it in front. Sub 4-meter segment consists of the saloon class cars already. Maruti Swift DZire, Honda Amaze fall into that category. FYI the Maruti sales figures show that in the month of April they sold more DZires than the Swifts for the first time as Indians prefer to buy a bigger car.

      I have seen this car and with no specs it’s lesser than any SUV other than having the capacity of seating only 5 people.

  3. sai says:

    The rumors of 5.99 Lac starting price turned out to be unfounded. This was only to be, considering the amount of features and tech in this car, it is impossible to sell at that price. I expect the base diesel to be competitively priced, at about 8 Lacs ex-showroom. At that price point, it will be a very good competitor for the premium hatches, plus the presence and elevated seating position make it a very good highway cruiser. I am a bit concerned to go in Polo on highways due to the small size and low height, I would much rather go on the Ecosport.

    1. Mohammed says:

      Elevated driving position has no relation to vehicle stability. The taller the car is, the more unstable the vehicle is ; that’s the simple rule. Polo gives you one of the most planted drives at high speeds.

      If ES is priced at 8 lacs ex showroom for Diesel, expect the Amaze bookings to double 🙂 The ES is no SUV, it is just a stylish hatch, which may not be practical for Indians.

      As clearly seen from the positioning, Ford is targeting a 3 member family which includes a kid for ES. Why would someone spend 2 lacs more on ES when Amaze can give AC, Power Steering, all door Power windows, ABS with EBD, a spacious cabin for family and friends and a 400 liter boot, with a 100 bhp engine and 26 kmpl 🙂

      1. Sushrut says:

        Absolutely and moreover the interiors of premium hatches in that price range like i20 diesel is far more luxurious and premium that Ecosport. Till now Ford was goofing up with only the price now its the variants too. Nice way to go..

  4. sandy says:

    18.9 kmpl for EcoBoost is ARAI’s or Ford’s, since days back it was 17 odd kmpl after ARAI testing.

  5. Mohammed says:

    Engine specs and mileage more or less on expected lines, nothing dramatic here. Hearing that Ford is going to position this car for city folks in their 30s with a kid as their target customer. Needs to be seen if the ES would come down to around 2k sales per month after the initial fuss. Do not see this as a mass market success, say like the Amaze. End of June release meaning deliveries by August as communicated earlier, which is way too late. I do not expect Ford to put this car in the 7-9 lac bracket, it would be much much lesser.

  6. Shenoy says:

    7 to 9 lakhs for glorified Hatch, ford is execting too much here. if they want to complete then price it on par with Dzire, I20 or Amaze. At this price bracket they will not be able to sustain sales numbers which may be generated during initial launch due to Hype may die down soon due to higher entry cost and cost effiecient options in other models.

    1. Sushrut says:

      Even if they price 1.5 ltr @ 5 lakhs considering its an old engine and they have recovered the money.. i won’t buy it as it is not so efficient @ ARAI report avg. of 15kmpl which will translate to 10kmpl in city or even less. And I guess the top end variants is where Ford is hoping to make more margins with excise duty benefit which won’t be passed on to end consumer.

  7. sandy says:

    thanx shravan. are these prices – Rs 7-9 lacs – ex showroom or on road? Think it should be on road, given that there’s been a lot of talk of ES starting at 5.99 or so….

  8. dr adarsh says:

    Hi , will the diesel version come in titanium/ titanium optional variants ? There’s been a lot of confusion abt it

    1. Yes, certainly, the diesel engine will be available on Titanium and Titanium optional variants.


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