Karl Slym hints at pricier Tata Nano based on the Pixel

Posted on: Apr 12, 2013 - 10:45am IST

You needn’t be a market analyst or an auto industry expert to understand that the Tata Nano’s biggest hurdle is its ‘cheapest car in the world’ image.

Tata Pixel concept

Of course, the tag earned widespread attention but when the car hit the market, most of the Indians didn’t want to be seen in something which is touted to be a replacement for a two wheeler. The poor Nano continue to sit in the stockyard unattended even as families of four travel happily (and very dangerously) on a commuter bike.

Tata Nano diesel spied in satara rearTata Nano diesel spied in satara front

[The interim plan is to apply cosmetic changes to the car and enrich it with features like power steering and a swinging rear luggage door. Spy shots sent in by reader Shubham]

What the Nano needs now is change of perception and a wider spectrum of target audience. Tata Motors has already started the process of the image makeover by targeting youths instead of two wheeler using middle class families.

2011 Tata Nano Pixel Concept

The company thinks that moving the Nano upmarket would produce more fruits. Talking to Bloomberg, Mr. Karl Sylm, MD of Tata Motors said, that the Nano will be offered to “a wide variety of buyers and price points.” Mr. Sylm hinted that the Nano could head towards the direction of the Pixel concept, which was showcased at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

The Nano Pixel is equipped with a 1.2-litre three cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, an automatic gearbox, Start/Stop technology, zero-turn technology and so on. With the styling cues and features borrowed from the Pixel, the Nano could be in a better position to shed its fortuneless image and graduate up the market.

[Source: Bloomberg.com]

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11 thoughts on “Karl Slym hints at pricier Tata Nano based on the Pixel

  1. prashant says:

    Launch the Pixel, if want to continue with the Nano please go for Nano Europa.

  2. prashant says:

    Why a nano based on pixel, why not pixel itself? And why not mega pixel & Emo?

  3. timmy says:

    how about an electric nano?? since nano is used only for city use maybe it can be a good option….

  4. Sridhar says:

    Agree with you entirely.

  5. sandy says:

    As from few photos, Pixel is short height and more trendier then Nano with bigger wheels and zero turning radius. But I haven’t heard about 1.2 liter turbocharged diesel engine anytime before. Do you have any specification figure on this power-train?

  6. Mohammed says:

    Well, the 2012 Nano was a pretty good product and a brilliant offering at its price point. They’d require better sales & marketing efforts to change customer perception and make it really mass market.

    The Nano Diesel can be a real game changer for Tata’s though.

    The Pixel concept has been an interesting one for sure, hope it goes into production sometime soon.

  7. prashant says:

    Nano Europa is also a great design. TATAs should replace the existing Nano with the Nano Europa. Plus they should launch the Pixel as well as Megapixel, both being the marvelous designs. More the models being offered from the company more is the chance of sales improvement. There should be at least 7-8 hatchback models to choose one from. The strategy is followed by the Maruti Suzuki & see their sales. Also make sure that all the models are new, attractive & interesting. Launch the Vista S2 ASAP. It is the best Vista ever (far better than the D90 & D90 Xtreme).

  8. Mangalanandan P says:

    If the above information is true, Tata is really making a mistake as it did with Indica and Sumo. Indica name was almost synonymous with cheap and unreliable product. When Tata introduced Vista- a completely different product and a much better one, the Indica badge was pasted on it. Obviously people looked elsewhere. Same happened with Sumo Grande. Sumo name was never a head turner. The Tata’s naming department has an unceremonious habit of discrediting their own products and building up the correct niche of a product. So here again, WHY THE NAME NANO? It is a market dud. The Pixel is a far more advanced product with so many breakthrough innovations and a lovely design. I would definitely buy one for my daughter if it is found to be safe and reliable too. I don’t want the name of “NANO” the cheapest car in the world on that product. What is the problem with Tata think tanks? You built a new product and let the name be Pixel itself.


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