Have you checked out Tata Motors’ Golden Festive Offer?

Posted on: Apr 18, 2013 - 9:46am IST

You may have just read our recent post where we told you the Tata Indica is available at a considerable discount. Turns out the offer is not limited to the Indica only, as almost the entire range of Tata cars seem to be packing an offer of sorts.

Tata motors golden offer

Called the ‘Golden Festive’ offer, Tata says that you can avail these deals until April 30, 2013. It seems a free gold coin is a standard gift when you buy a Sumo Gold (pun intended?), Vista D90, Nano, Safari DICOR or a Manza. The offer doesn’t seem to be extending to the Safari Storme or the Aria however.

Apart from the gold coin, there are cash discounts being offered on these cars as well. Ranging from about Rs. 15,500 for the Nano to about Rs. 47,000 for the Safari DICOR and the Manza, Tata wants to ensure that you get a sweet deal.

The auto industry in India is certainly witnessing a slowdown in terms of sales. The SIAM (Society of Indian Auto Manufacturers) had to revise their projected growth of the industry more than once and the expectation keeps dropping. Right now, the expected growth rate is about 0-1%.

Hence, with discounts like these, car makers would certainly like to see their products roll out of their showrooms quickly.

[Source: Tatamotors.com]

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11 thoughts on “Have you checked out Tata Motors’ Golden Festive Offer?

  1. PK says:

    Very tempting offers from Tata..!

    Good going..!

  2. Mohammed says:

    From my experience, ASS is an issue with all manufacturers without exception. However, if you’re knowledgeable about your car and if your care about it ,then they would take you seriously. Lay down your expectations clearly from the start, grab the best service advisors and managers to do your job and pay attention to detail. I’ve had issues with all of them when I started out, but breathing quite easy now with Tata & Toyota.

    1. Aditya says:

      Thanks Mohammed for sharing your experience.

  3. Aditya says:

    What are the issues related with manza? Compared to amaze, is it a good buy? Considering the problems attached with tata plastic build quality and after sale service maintenance.

    1. Dharmendra says:

      Tata cars have two major problems.
      1. Cars design is not at all attractive compare to other cars in the same segment.
      2. The quality of the tata is also a bit as compare to other cars in the same segment.

      1. Aditya says:

        Thanks Dharmendra,
        I can live with the design given the inside space and comfort. With roughly close to 9lakh on road cost of amaze vx, i am also looking for any other car worth of that kind of investment.

    2. Mohammed says:

      Hey Aditya -I currently own the Manza Club Class and Innova. I’ve had vehicles in my garage from Tata, Mahindra, Toyota and Maruti so far and without doubt, Tata and Toyota has given me the most satisfaction. I’ve said this before a few times here on IAB.

      The current generation Tata products are really good and infact, better in most aspects with regards to competition. Say for example, Vista uses better quality and more expensive components than Swift. All the noise made regards to niggling issues, plastic quality etc are baseless, arising from perception and image issues. I’m mighty pleased with my Manza so far. Its one of the most practical family sedans in India. Build quality, fit and finish are top class inside out. The ride quality is probably the best in the segment, it just takes the potholes and bad roads like a dream. Interior cabin space is out of the world and its called Limo Manza (Limousine) in auto circles. Great 90 bhp engine from Fiat with great fuel efficiency (I get around 23+ on long drives with conservative driving and around 20+ with spirited driving) and a good gear box to match. Good high speed stability, well planted at speeds in excess of 150 kmph. Fully loaded with generous tech, climate control, touch screen navigation, steering mounted controls with Bluetooth and almost everything under the sun basically. They even have a buy back scheme now at 60% value after 3 or 5 years. which I missed out. Its a terrific car and easy to own(absolute value for money) and maintain (dirt cheap maintenance). Definitely a great family car.

      1. Aditya says:

        Thanks Mohammed,
        I’l surely test drive the car pretty soon. What is your experience in the A.s.s? I’v heard wheel alignment to be a constant problem with tata’s?

      2. harry says:

        Aditya never go for tata becoz it has got serious problem with wheel alignment and suspension. if u own a tyre shop then u may go for a tata car. i will suggest u to go for chevrolet sail whose top model for diesel is 7.60 lakh. if u want to spend between 8 – 9.50 lakhs then go for skoda rapid or fiat linea.

    3. Mohammed says:

      Most of the issues surrounding Tata cars emanate from wrong perceptions and hear say. I’ve used the Vista for looong and now, the Manza Club Class. I haven’t faced any issues pertaining to wheel alignment with Tata’s. Though, I almost struggled with wheel alignment issues for my Innova for about 7 months and I got the issue resolved for ever once I escalated the issue big.

      1. ajay says:

        yes you are right i think harry is an agent of some car company

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