Honda dealers stock up Amaze with high expectations

Posted on: Apr 8, 2013 - 10:13am IST

Honda has dispatched over 2,000 units of the Amaze sedan to dealers throughout India. Bookings began last week officially, and in many dealerships, loyal and interested customers are called in for special demos.

Honda Amaze black dealer carHonda Amaze black dealer demo model

Reader Lakshay wrote in yesterday with this note –

I went to a Honda dealership in my city recently for getting my Accord serviced. Saw these Amazes standing among lots of Citys and Brios. The white one is diesel (i-DTEC) EX trim and black one is (i-VTEC VX) M/T.

Honda’s first diesel car in India has high expectations riding on it. The Amaze is launching at a time when the market has slowed down and the customer sentiment is negative. You can counter argue that when exciting products launch in the market, prospective customers are bound to be gripped by its design or features and convert into buyers.

Cars that are plain, boring and repeat what others have don’t create this effect, especially when there’s a slowdown.

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The Ford EcoSport and the Honda Amaze are two models which promise growth by offering something new and path-breaking. While the Amaze has the hugely anticipated “diesel Honda” tag after years of waiting, the latter is the first mini SUV from a mainstream player that could be priced to beat C-Segment saloons. One of these two launches will become the iPhone of the automotive market in 2013. The question is, which one will!

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4 thoughts on “Honda dealers stock up Amaze with high expectations

  1. sandy says:

    IAB, someday try to make a comparison between Honda’s 1.5 i-DTec, Hyundai’s 1.5 CRDI(which was found in old Verna) and Ford’s 1.5 DuraTorque; in terms of refinement, NVH, drivability etc.

  2. Mohammed says:

    The iPhone of the automotive market in 2013 ? It’s going to be Amaze ๐Ÿ™‚

    Amaze is practical and aspirational at the same time. With a 100 PS engine with a bike like mileage of almost 26 kmpl, Honda has definitely got the entire country sit up and take notice. It has got unbelievably spacious interiors, which is a must for Indian families, reasonable interiors and a spacious boot making it a wholesome package. With Honda’s legendary reliability and quality, you can be guaranteed of a fuss free ownership experience. And, it’s a Honda and if its going to be priced aggressively, then no stopping them.

    Ford, on the other hand has messed up big time with Ecosport’s GTM (Go To Market Strategy). It was already suffering from over exposure coupled with massive expectations and horribly long launch delays. Ford was apparently breathing easy till it had the demo cars on display all over India. That’s when most of its prospective customers happy about the design and exteriors but felt seriously disappointed and let down with the interiors, quality of plastics used and most importantly, cabin space. Most of us felt it had rear seats and cabin space, which were equivalent to an Alto 800 and it really is cramped and impractical for Indians. Ford should have released the China version in India with its stretched wheelbase and left the sub 4 metre vehicle for Europe, where the rear seats are unutilized 99% of the time.Ford dealers, who were super confident about the ES so far are lying low now, after seeing the product in flesh and fears another Fiesta situation hitting them and rightly so.

  3. Sandeep says:

    This is definitely a good news. I’m just thinking if Amaze is sold out in large numbers, will it affect the quality of after-sale services as the service centers are not expanding. Today we don’t even need a phone booking to get a slot in the service schedule. I guess there will start a long queue.. ๐Ÿ™‚


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