World’s first beige-upholstered Ford EcoSport spotted in Chennai

Posted on: Apr 10, 2013 - 11:18am IST

Our good friend Sushil Cherian of came across a Ford EcoSport test mule on a roadside in Chennai last week. Even though he was rushing to an important meeting, he stopped by to examine the car closely and managed some images, like most auto aficionados would, especially the ones reading

Ford Ecosport dual tone beige-black interiorFord Ecosport dashboard

[Left – Sushil’s spotted an EcoSport with a beige lower dashboard; Right – Ford India’s display car has a darker cabin layout]

Sushil’s previous message was about his spotting of the Honda Amaze while on its way to the dealer yard, which we shared on our Facebook page, but this is a big one, fit to feature on our front page.

Ford Ecosport rear seatFord EcoSport light door inserts

[The door inserts are dark and seats are black on the demo car (left), while the test mule had contrasting door inserts and beige seats (right)]

As Ford India is soft launching the vehicle through mall activations in twelve metro cities all through this month, there can’t be something unique or new that Sushil’s images could bring to light, right?


Sushil’s test mule is a Ford EcoSport 1.5L AT variant with dual tone light beige-black interior, perhaps the first one of its kind. This unique color pairing isn’t available anywhere in the world today.

Ford EcoSport Europe dashboardBoth China and Brazil manufacture the EcoSport with a black and gray interior. The model we examined in Geneva last month used the same color play with blue stitches. The dull metal finish on around the aircon vents and audio controls was replaced with a darker tint. There was no beige anywhere in the cabin.

The model displayed in Thailand last month also had a dark interior.

The EcoSport revealed in Indian malls sports a black-gray dual tone interior. A lighter interior looks untidy if not maintained well, more so in dusty environments, but the benefit is it makes the cabin seem roomier than it is.

Indians have traditionally loved the company of beige in their cars, so Ford India should put this into production without batting an eyelid.

Having seen the demo vehicle at local malls, most readers have complained about the gloomy interior and expect Ford to do something about the the cabin plastic quality on the production model. Some readers have been let down by the rear seat comfort, while shorter people don’t find that a problem. Almost all readers vote in favor of the visual pop in the exterior.

Its easy for us to say, but will Ford spare the dual tone beige interior a thought for at least the top-end variant? Don’t you think the interior would look nicer with a lighter interplay of colors?

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9 thoughts on “World’s first beige-upholstered Ford EcoSport spotted in Chennai

  1. jazzyjig says:

    Totally agree with mohammed. Say bye bye to sub 4m plan or launch ecosport grande(7 seater version) alongwith. If Indian buyers can go crazy whith 9.5 to 13.5 lacs duster whith interiours like alto, why ford is afraid?. they are way better in designe, interiours, driving dynamics, gadgets, etc. Come on ford don’t play too safe. You can’t win with just price in mind. We are 21century Indians,
    we can pay, ask renault.

  2. Hitin suri says:

    Ford should learn from Japanese & Koreans . How well they both understood the Indian car buyer & they bring right product ! Amaze will difinetly spoil the Ecosport party though they belong to different category . Ford have to make Ecosport more aspirational by giving all gizmo & gadgets possible , may be as optional package eg. Cruise control ‘ foldable mirrors , auto dim rear view mirrors’, electric operated front seats , DRL in front headlamp & difinetly beige interior is welcome step.Hope Ford iindia will isten to us .

  3. Ayyappan says:

    Completely agree with you Mohammed. The black interiors looked better, but it was of poor quality. Now with the beige one, people wouldn’t feel the cheap plastics that easily, the same trick played by Toyota for Etios and Liva.

    Duster is a good example for a right sized mini SUV. If I can’t take my family out on long drives in my car comfortably or if I’m scared to invite my friends to travel in my car for weekend trips because of a cramped cabin, why should I buy it in the first place? I would rather invest my money and buy a spacious hatch or sedan.

    I was looking at Ecosport purchase by mid 2013 and after seeing the car in flesh, it just doesn’t make sense to me, personally. It would just remain a good looking ornament which can never be worn.I would be forced to rent cabs or use others cars for most of my travel requirements.

    I’m targeting Amaze or Manza and if Amaze gets the pricing right tomorrow, I’d be mighty pleased and will book it right away.

  4. Aditya says:

    Great to see such discussions. Along with the ecosport, i have been following remarks of several loyalists (both fans and the people who got their interest eroded after soft launch) esp Mr.Mohemmed, Mr.Yuvi,Mr.Sandy and others. Contrasting opinions lead to constructive conclusion. Thumbs up IAB!

  5. yuvi says:

    I think better not to conclude anything about ecosport unless it is officially lauched. Rear legroom alone is not the selling point for any car if so Swift would not sell not even 5000 units/month.

    There something more on this Ecosport compared to hatchbacks and few entry level sedans that would defintely attract the customers.

  6. Jishnu S V says:

    Good move by Ford taking into consideration Indian tastes. This could well be the reason for the delay in launch. Ford launched the Ecosport contest just to buy some time to make last minute changes which could be vital in its success since Ford’s future really counts on Ecosport. The first photo clearly shows an automatic gear lever which is different from Fiesta’s and doors had silver strips which looks changed to wood finish in the spy shot. Or it could also be the top end version which has push button start, since the Titanium model displayed in Malls around India never had the push button start. If priced right it will mostly compete with premium hatchbacks like the i20. If priced right it will be a better sales performer than the Fiesta for sure since it has many USPs like mini suv image, ground clearance, good driving position, city friendly dimensions, boot space better than hatchbacks, safety features, ride & handling package and lot of engine & transmission option.

  7. Mohammed says:

    Personally, for the Ecosport, I would have liked single tone black interiors than dual tone black-gray or black -beige interiors. It just dilutes the presence of the vehicle.

    More than changing the interiors to black- beige, if there’s one thing I’d want from Ford – decrease the boot space and increase the cabin space for ,which is not practical considering its structure 🙂 Or Say bye bye to the sub 4 metre Ecosport and launch the extended Chinese version here at a higher price and pitch it right against the Duster and it would still sell.

    But the current version is nowhere. It’s going to be priced in the 5 lac range..fair enough. But ,just look at the 3rd pic with a person in the drivers seat, the rear seat is just useless. Cmon Ford, this is not Europe !

    From what I hear the biggest worry amongst Ford dealers is also the cabin space. Per sales folks at Ford, they couldn’t attract buyers towards about Fiesta’s positives like good high speed stability and handling part because it wasn’t practical as a proper family sedan with its cramped cabin space . Ultimately Verna had it easy there. Pricing was way too high as well but even then, people who were willing to pay, stayed away because it wasn’t practical.

    Ford has to do away with the one Ford global strategy. Figo should have given them enough hints about our market requirements.

  8. sandy says:

    Well that could to be an improvement if carried across ES range, also for new Fiesta. Yes, I think the interior would look nicer with a lighter interplay of colors; IMO the prospective buyers should be given options of recoloring the interior theme as she/he likes as after sales accessories at dealer’s end.


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