This is how big the Ford EcoSport looks relative to a hatchback

Posted on: Apr 24, 2013 - 1:02pm IST

As the Ford EcoSport continues to elude the prospective customers and auto enthusiasts alike, there is no shortage of the cars being spotted testing.

Ford EcoSport size comparoFord EcoSport Size vs Swift

By this time, everybody will be knowing the details of the compact crossover which is making weekend appearances in shopping malls across 12 cities in India. So we know how the car looks like but we will get a better idea of its proportions if we compare it with popular sub 4 metre hatchbacks.

Here are the set of images taken by a member of who goes by the name, “DrvSafe”, at an office parking lot in Chennai. The mini SUV has been parked between a VW Polo and a Maruti Swift, giving us an excellent perspective of the EcoSport’s dimensions in relative terms.

Given its sub 4 metre length, we have to say that Ford’s designers have done an impressive job of making it look like a proper SUV rather than a raised hatchback. It may not have the road presence of bigger SUVs nevertheless would command a fair share of attention amidst the traffic.

To recap the things, the EcoSport will be available with a set of three engine options – a 1.0 litre EcoBoost turbo petrol, a 1.5 litre petrol and a 1.5 litre diesel engine. The 1.5 litre petrol engine will be also available with the 6-speed Powershift dual clutch transmission while the rest will be equipped only with a 5-speed manual transmission.

When and how much are the only questions that still remain unanswered!


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14 thoughts on “This is how big the Ford EcoSport looks relative to a hatchback

  1. Sheetal Puri says:

    Middle and Base model of ecosport are coming without roof frails -reportedly said by offficials..only top model having roof frails

  2. sandy says:

    Looks as tall as Ritz. Sometimes I feel the specification in some car are wrongly specified, e.g. in paper Polo is taller then Figo, but in real I find opposite. Anyways, thanks ES for making me feel tall in-front of an SUV and I don’t need to mount into it. 🙂

  3. Dmitry says:

    So small?? It’s just a swollen Fiesta hatchback then…

  4. JR Singh says:

    Only thing that will determine if Ecosport is HIT or FLOP will be its pricing. I believe ES will have competition form the entry level sedans, the amaze and Dezire… If priced within 45k for similar models and features, would be a good buy. If they follow typical Ford pricing, then it would end up like Fiesta.
    Your views on price editor??

    1. BMS says:

      well said !

    2. abuna ventana says:

      its a lifestyle vehicle which creates big aspiration to purchase.. irrespective of size, legroom, segment etc.. so this is a “big hit” promised.
      YOUTHFUL, STYLISH, AFFORDABLE!!- what else needed?
      But, as the ‘curiosity value’ receeds, it will be a normal car with all criticisms..

      1. Deepak Shenoy says:

        Price will be only deciding factor and it will be a sure winner if it is priced on par with Amaze, Dzire or similar Sedans else it will bite the dust like fiesta

    3. Chintan says:

      You exhibit very ignorant view of vehicles just like most Indian buyers (Price, space, fuel efficiency, overrated A.S.S of maruti etc). There is so much more to it when it comes to car.

      How can you compare Ecosport with Amaze or Dzire ? Ecosport is atleast 2 levels up than these made-for-india sedans in terms of styling, built, ride, handling, safety perspectives.

      Just look at extremely thin (tin like) built quality of Amaze. Safety is as usual compromised on Dzire just like other Maruti cars. Amaze dashboard is copied from Rs.4 lakh brio interiors.

      Fiesta may have been overpriced initially but then it doesn’t compromise on safety (airbags, ABS, EBD) or solid european built (yes Fiesta is made in Europe) or segment best electronics. Just experience driving Fiesta on highway and you will see the difference in ride/handling compared with Dzire/Amaze . It was the 6th best-selling in the world in 2013 (Ford focus was no.1)

      I sincerely hope Ford prices it at 8+ lakhs (on par with eastern-european duster) to give us truly global platform car ….and not run-of-the-mill compromised cheap car for indian markets

  5. Mohammed says:

    The ES looks pretty much a beefed up, well designed hatch and nothing more, nothing less. It doesn’t have the SUV presence of a Storme or even a Duster because of its small sub 4 metre dimensions and looks real tiny infront of the Xylo too.

    That’s where I strongly felt that rather than positioning it as an alternative for hatchback and entry level sedans, Ford should have got us the extended Chinese version and pitched it right against the Duster. I’m sure that would have sold well in India. Now, with a cramped cabin and 5 lac pricing, the positioning seems to be going awry and the practicality of the car is a big question mark. Seeing lots of people booking Amaze after seeing the ES at the malls and feeling let down by the lack of rear leg-room and poor interiors.

    Looks like the Discoveries campaign has failed to create any buzz, Ford is rolling out the red carpet for Renault now and by the time ES is made available to customers by Aug, Nissan would be ready with their Dsuter version with a reduced price tag. Poor GTM….May be Michael would have handled this prod launch better than Joginder….feeling sad for Ford…

    1. Sri says:

      Looks like you have never seen the vehicle in person and making comment against this car.

      1. Mohammed says:

        I’ve seen the car in flesh long before it was displayed at the malls for public display. We had already provided Ford with a detailed feedback to make ES a practical, mass market car and a huge success at that. Unfortunately, looks like nothing much has changed from then. Either Ford is overconfident about the ES or plain confused about it.

        ES is no doubt a very well designed car but I always felt the ES was way too cramped for an average Indian since we tend to carry our friends and family with us most of the time. For me, in terms of dimensions alone, the Duster has got it just right to be included in the compact SUV segment.

        It is not the customers fault that Ford has chosen to go with a sub 4 metre plan for India, making it a cramped match box. They could have launched the extended Chinese version here and priced it bang against Duster.

        Figo was a success because it was a complete package…I’m afraid if ES would tell a similar story at the end of it all ..

    2. Ganesh says:

      It is a beefed up hatch indeed, I would never pay more than 8.5 laks for a Diesel top end. I did see it in person. Rear row is close to crap.

      1. Sri says:

        Its sub 4m SUV, i have seen the test vehicle along with duster. I feel it is proportionate in all the dimensions to make it a mini SUV.

      2. Deepak Shenoy says:

        8.5 lakh for this car, are you kidding ? it will be a failure from day one if it is priced higher than Amaze / Dzire.

        Indian market is price sensitive and I am assuming Ford is aware of this.

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