Facelifted Tata Aria will begin selling in India this year

Posted on: Mar 14, 2013 - 6:31pm IST

Tata Aria faceliftIndianAutosBlog brought you live updates from the floor of the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. While we saw launches of many hyper-exotics at Geneva such as P1 and LaFerrari, they weren’t as important as this car.

Home-grown automaker Tata Motors presented the facelifted Tata Aria that shared the stage with Tata Safari Storme Mountain Rescue Concept and the Concept S.

The facelifted Aria, the only new production-ready vehicle at the Tata stall, was indeed very intriguing.

Although the exhibit looked the same as the current Aria, we did see revised headlamps with a dark tint and clear-lens tail lamps. The alloy wheel design was new and it sported a dual tone paint job. On the inside, we saw new fabric seats, a climate control system and a new door lock-unlock button.

It was powered by the same 2.2 litre diesel engine that powers the current Aria but this one produced 158 bhp, about 20 bhp more than the current model. There was also a six-speed automatic gearbox on offer.

Tata Aria automatic transmissionTata Aria facelift interiors

BSMotoring reports that the facelifted Tata Aria is India-bound this year. The publication predicts that the crossover should hit Indian streets by December 2013.

Tata Aria new tail lampTata Aria facelift rear

The Tata Aria was a problem child ever since it was launched in 2010. A confused identity, sky high price tag and a failure on part of the marketing team to promote the product made sure that the Aria never breached 500 units in any month. And that’s pretty disappointing because hands down, it is the best product an Indian manufacturer has delivered in the history of the auto industry.

Hopefully things will change for the better with the facelifted model’s introduction.

[Source: BSMotoring.com]

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5 thoughts on “Facelifted Tata Aria will begin selling in India this year

  1. Anil Dev says:

    Its More than a Car or SUV. Nor it is high priced when compared with XUV or Duster (both are front wheel drives). All professional reviewers seems to be biased aginst TATA complaining abt the quality of interiors, plastic quality…!!!!!!!!! seems as if plastics are the final rating of a Car. but they do for forget the fact that Plastics contibute not not even 5% of a Car.

    First One should look from the design front (aerodynamics) which helps in safer riding while cornering and overtaking in indian roads and visibilty to the Driver.

    Second is low maintenece costs including spare parts availability and cost. Tata spares are available freely across India and it can be serviced by ur local workshop as well.

    Third is durability which is already proven by the large TAXi network. Only a durable Car profits as a Taxi. eg Innova is a TAXI Cab in more than 25 countries.

    A vast majority of the Indians are still in the British Era. They thinks Indians cant make good ones!!!!!!, They dont like if an Indian is coming up especially if it is his neighbour.

  2. brahma says:

    i wonder why aria has not been an succes when compared to xuv500

    xuv500 looks great on the outside but the build quality worst when compared to tata aria which is miles ahead of xuv500

    and recently xuv500 has been recalled for manufacturing defects by mahindra

    and i see partiality of auto review websites towards mahindra and always complain tata of bad build quality

    in my personel experience my unclues use swift dezire and indica vista out these both swift dezire is the most frazile car and vista is a tank

  3. Milo Cruise says:

    Awesome man, superb vehicle….

  4. Mohammed says:

    ” Hands down, it is the best product an Indian manufacturer has delivered in the history of the auto industry ” >>>> Can’t agree more here.

    Recently got Aria as my personal transport vehicle while staying at a hotel for 6 days and was stunned by its dream like ride and overall build quality. Felt like I was in a BMW. It’s definitely miles ahead of XUV 500. It’s expesive because its not just a big car, the underpinnings are world class. It’s a pity that Indian’s haven’t really understood this vehicle yet or Tata’s have not been able to market it well.

    I hear that the facelift will have 158 bhp power and a 6 speed AT sourced from Land Rover. This could be for the European release though; with its conservative design elements and superb overall refinement, it might well strike a chord with the masses out there.

  5. abuna ventana says:

    dark shades are much better.
    i was much inclined to buy aria, but finally went for xuv. Pricing still is a big concern. Ripped off cheap versions are not attractive. Penetrate features into the lower variants..


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