Report – Piaggio Ape City three-wheelers launched in petrol, CNG and LPG fuels

Posted on: Mar 12, 2013 - 8:57pm IST

Piaggio Ape City black frontPiaggio Ape City yellow rear

Piaggio Vehicles launched a new range of three-wheeled passenger carriers in Mumbai today under the name ‘City’. It is fitted with a three-valve engine, which is a first in its segment, and is available with three fuel options. Here are the other details of Piaggio’s Bajaj RE 4S ‘auto rickshaw’ competitor.

Piaggio Ape City yellow front quarterPiaggio Ape City yellow seats

  • In 1999, the launch of Ape brand, a 100% subsidiary of Piaggio Italy, was held in India.
  • In the last 14 years, the brand has attracted over 1.5 million customers for its commercial vehicles.

Piaggio Ape City water bottle holderPiaggio Ape City interior

  • Today marks the launch of the Ape City range of three-wheelers in petrol, CNG and LPG fuel types.
  • Development was fully based on customer feedback.

Piaggio Ape City instrument clusterPiaggio Ape City fuel filler

  • It is powered by a new three-valve 275cc engine that returns 10% more mileage than competitors, with outputs between 4.99 KW to 7.07 KW depending on the fuel it is operating on (LPG, CNG or Petrol).
  • Good low-end torque that’s better suited for city usage.
  • Single piece windscreen and twin headlamp configuration.

Piaggio Ape City fire extinguisherPiaggio Ape City dashboard

  • Oil change interval is 10k kilometers, compared to competition which has set it at 5k kilometers.
  • Size of the market is 150,000 units a year.
  • Piaggio has a 35 percent market share in India in its segment.

Piaggio Ape City black rearPiaggio Ape City black passenger seat

  • Piaggio will export vehicles to Africa, Latin America and neighboring markets.

Piaggio Ape City prices (ex-showroom, Mumbai)

  • Petrol – 1,06,645 rupees
  • LPG – 1,23,031 rupees
  • CNG – 1,26,570 rupees
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7 thoughts on “Report – Piaggio Ape City three-wheelers launched in petrol, CNG and LPG fuels

  1. Dinesh Patil says:

    i just want to know, the battery mounting clamp\bkt can hold battery properly, the battery mounted at vibration area.
    can you send me the images of battery with mtg bkts.

  2. niraj tiwari says:

    i intrested at your vhical please send me details

  3. amol says:

    @Kapil good

  4. Mr Pulson Oper says:

    Good day, interested in your product Ape city piaggio could you pleas forward the photo front and back inside and your price

    Thanks Looking forward to hear from soonest.

    Mr Pulson Oper

    1. Dear Mr. Pulson, please speak to a dealership nearest to you for all details.

  5. Unni says:

    This autos ( the APE diesel ones ) should be banned from roads. I traveled on one of them last week on my India vacation and still i have the back pain i got from that travel.

    1. kapil says:

      Wait till you travel on this one…. parts below your back and your stomach will also pain when you go over speed breakers and pot holes


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